Imagine a captivating atmosphere blended with oriental tranquility, fine craft and a sense of harmony.

When he was tasked with conceiving an all-encompassing sense of warmth for the abode of a loving family in Hangzhou, GFD's chief designer Ye Fei did exactly that, envisioning a secluded sanctuary brimming with stunning landscaping along Futon River and Huang Gongwang Forest Park. “The client, a well-educated homeowner, is familiar with both Eastern and Western values, therefore he has acquired a unique and distinctive taste,” the interior designer says. “For this spacious house he shares with his family and parents, he specifically requested us to conjure ingenious designs for the private and shared areas throughout, all the while blended with practicality and vivid characters.” Scroll through the gallery below (Photography: Liu Gangqiang & Xu Shukai) to experience the soothing design:

Taking cue from nature and the coexistence of Oriental philosophy, a soothing canvas is set at the entrance for an undeniable welcome. Ye Fei continues, “Passing through the porch, you will be greeted by the foyer, as well as the living and dining areas drenched in light grey marble flooring that’s highlighted with elegant grains. The contemporary combination of textures imbue the home with multiple layers and patterns for an elevated experience.”

GFD's chief designer Ye Fei

Fine touches such as the white marble background behind the television set, tactile walls composed of white sintered stones and black walnut wood veneers in the dining room and foyer, as well as the exquisite cabinet adorning silver mirror finishes set against the sofa, altogether read a refined and arresting experience. 

Oriental screens, stone sculptures and fireplaces intermingle to create the East-meets-West charm that imbues the home throughout.

The designer’s affinity towards creating a restful aesthetic is made evident across all four floors of the residence too. 

Ye Fei further elaborates, “The rationale of juxtaposing materials and visual interests is a heartfelt composition. A lot of the combinations might seem like a natural choice, but it takes a precise balance to lend a harmonious air to the surroundings without overwhelming the senses.” 

The underground floor is a cocooning domain for leisure and entertainment complete with an intimate study located at the end of the mezzanine for privacy and moments of relish in solitude, while underneath there’s another social hub to engage in games of chess and cards.

The first floor is dedicated to the homeowner’s parents and embraces serene interiors, the son’s room and the master bedroom are located on the second floor, and decked out with alluring wooden elements, a quiet palette and sumptuous fabrics to complement the rolling mountains beyond. Meanwhile, situated on the third level is a sleek hall for gatherings and reading.

Glass and crystal accents lend a sense of traditional craftsmanship and delicate whimsicality against the sultry dark-hued walls and furnishings. 

Under the meticulous execution and seamless coordination between the creative team and the clients, every detail of this noble house has been properly brought to life.

Ye Fei concludes, “It’s been a highly collaborative process that required substantial mutual understanding of each other’s needs and desires. While we respected the family’s patterns of life and certain design principles, we experimented with numerous possibilities and went through several negotiations  to achieve the optimal results.” 

A curated collection of Chinese artwork and ink paintings take centre stage in the exquisitely appointed bedrooms.

Surveying the subtle splendour of this reimagined refuge, one is as if transported to the fascinating landscape depicted by Yuan dynasty painter Huang Gongwang in his prestigious work “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” while following the poetic narrative Ye Fei has painstakingly crafted for the discerning homeowners. 

The home is accented with an extravagantly and intricately crafted chandelier that floats over the elegant living space. 

The contemporary courtyard exudes subtle elegance and traditional aesthetics. 

home interior design house architecture Hangzhou China

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