The reason for slogging so hard half your life is so that you can slow down at the end, savour the more delicate moments of life, do what you like to do every day, and enjoy the companionship of your partner as you watch your children grow up healthily.

Perhaps you have never thought about what your life after retirement will look like, but this quiet space in Taoyuan Qingshou paints the most pleasant picture of a lifestyle after retirement. After their children left home and set up their own families, the homeowners asked ABMIDS to assist in redesigning the original 463 sq ft space to fit a more sophisticated lifestyle that is easier to clean and safer to move.

The designer chose to use white as the base colour and then varying textures and tones throughout the home to make it feel more dimensional. Combined with natural wood, the space now reflects a warm atmosphere. 

As for the more private areas, the designer used a light Japanese-style design to make the space feel comfortable. A double-sided sliding door allows the couple to freely enter and exit, making movement more convenient and arbitrary.

Scroll through the gallery below to see more of the home:

The designer changed the entrance of the bathroom and added easily accessible storage space with raised armrests to provide a safer and more convenient activity space for the homeowners.

The double-sided sliding door design gives the couple more flexibility and freedom to enter and exit. The designer also included electrical storage cabinets under the TV wall to avoid safety concerns caused by exposed wires and designed a multi-functional structure that can be used as a bookshelf or armrests on the side of the sliding door.

The side of the bedroom is designed with a hidden walk-in wardrobe for more effective use of storage space.

Special lockers are also added in the centre of the master bedroom for storage of seasonal items.

The staircase to the mezzanine lounge is also embellished with handrails to ensure safety.

home design interior minimalist Taiwan white wooden Taoyuan

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