Home Renovation Guide Part 2: Decoding a Quote
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In our previous article, Asia Designers Community provided valuable insights on essential qualities to consider when choosing an interior design firm, including providing clear and detailed price quotes and contract terms, as well as demonstrating excellent problem-solving abilities. In this follow-up piece, we will delve deeper into why these factors are crucial in selecting the right company for your interior design needs.

Based on the recommendations of the Consumer Council and the Hong Kong Building Inspection Association, a comprehensive price quote should include the following 10 items:

  1. Detailed list of each project
  2. Description of materials for each project
  3. Quantity for each project
  4. Unit price for each project
  5. Calculation method for labour/material charges
  6. Subtotal for each item
  7. List of project insurance, including third-party liability insurance and workers' insurance
  8. Total project cost
  9. Payment methods and payment schedule (recommended to be divided into at least 4 instalments
  10. Project duration and deadline

Many quotations often overlook project details such as from electrical work, plumbing, masonry, and painting to custom cabinet dimensions and charges per foot. These items directly affect the consumer's estimation of total expenditure and may ultimately lead to budget overruns. Therefore, when receiving a quotation, one must not take it lightly, but must carefully read and evaluate it to assess the company's capabilities and sincerity.

Contract terms can be tricky areas to watch out for, including details like project start and end dates, payment methods and schedule, task deadlines, agreements on project and third-party insurance, warranty periods (typically 6 months to 1 year), quality responsibility and guarantee terms, as well as clauses regarding personal data and privacy confidentiality. Including a compensation clause for delays in project completion is highly beneficial. It is wise to plan for potential setbacks and ensure that all terms are clearly outlined in the contract to protect both parties and prevent conflicts down the line.

Furthermore, a top-tier interior design firm will deliver exceptional, considerate, and thorough services, including prompt and efficient responses to customer inquiries and assistance. Initially, the company will utilise instant messaging apps to keep customers informed on project advancements and address any queries they may have. Secondly, a transparent complaint procedure should be established, outlining how customers can lodge complaints, preferably through various channels like email, phone, and online forms. Lastly, when addressing complaints, the interior design company must handle cases with fairness, mutual understanding, and respect to exhibit their commitment to receiving feedback.

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