5 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing an Interior Design Company
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When people begin planning the renovation of their homes, they usually either turn to family and friends around them for good interior designer or renovation firm recommendations, or search on various online discussion forums to search for some "highly praised and non-controversial" company names. Once the thorough selection process is completed, the journey of designing and creating a comfortable home commences, with costs ranging from tens of thousands to potentially over a million dollars.

Year                 Renovation and Home Maintenance Project Complaints

2020                 244

2021                 317

Jan-Sept/2022   218

Although the blame for this situation lies in certain companies’ ongoing unethical conduct and business practices, consumers can be more vigilant to avoid becoming victims of such circumstances. It is imperative to select an interior design company that meets the following criteria:

  • Financially stable
  • Provides real-life project examples
  • Demonstrates excellent construction site management and problem-solving abilities
  • Clear and detailed quotations and contract terms
  • Offers customers instalment payment options

To learn more about selecting a reputable and capable interior design company, as well as effective self-protection strategies, stay tuned for our upcoming series of home renovation strategies by Asia Designers Community.

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