Architect and surfer Kenichiro Iwakiri renovates a beach house for himself in Shonan, a region of Japan known for its surf spots

An Architect’s Beach House Brings California Surfer Vibes to Chigasaki, Japan
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We all look forward to the day when we will be able to live in the house of our dreams - a place that blends our interests into our daily life, a place where we will feel refreshed and energized as soon as we open our eyes every day.

Japanese architect Kenichiro Iwakiri, who is also a surfing enthusiast, had been searching for his ideal residence throughout Japan for three years. He finally found the perfect place: a 40-year-old wooden house near Sagami Bay, a surf resort, in Chigasaki, Shonan, about an hour drive from Tokyo. To reflect the style that he loves, that also fits the casual Californian concept of the founding company California Komuten-open, Kenchiro redesigned the wooden house by injecting bright and lively colours. Instead of demolishing the house, he set out to do a light, energy-efficient retrofit with retouched finishes and comfortable outdoor features to capture the West Coast aesthetic.

The porch is built with white cedarwood and logs tied together with modern steel. A 1950s retro fireplace imported from Malibu Surfing Cowboys is placed to the corner is a characterful touch that adds depth to the place.

Inside, the living area has an open kitchen, dining area, and living room decked in parquet floors and topped with an exposed red cedar ceiling. The combination of various elements like a royal blue sofa, designed and customised by Kenichiro himself, orange cabinets and retro lighting fully encapsulates the nostalgic Californian style.

The main bedroom uses leftover wood as the backboard and shelf, which reflects a quiet and comfortable atmosphere into the space. At the same time, it also makes good use of the vertical facade to make the storage more organised. As for the children's room, his daughter's favourite pink is used in the herringbone walls and floors. A nifty swing set is installed to bring some whimsical childhood fun in the bedroom.

There is another entrance next to the parking block, where Kenichiro used a bright yellow door and contrasting green ceiling, combined with geometric floors to make the entire space more vivid and vibrant. It is also designed such when he returns from the ocean, he can take a hot shower outdoors on the back porch and enter directly into the bathroom via a keyless entry door.


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