Which is why this family of four – a businessman with his wife and two kids – is fascinated by the coastal property, so much so that they chose to live here twice.

With a particular love for water sports, the couple first moved out here three years ago at a ground-floor unit that came with a private garden. The ample outdoor space was a big draw, but there was one tiny problem – the surrounding buildings blocked a great deal of natural light from admitting into the interior. Scroll through the gallery below (Photography: Grande Interior Design) to find out more about the sophisticated design:

To get closer to nature and more room for the kids, the couple decided to move into this penthouse a year ago, which doubles the size of the previous one and comes with a panoramic view of the Tolo Habour and a rooftop pool. 

“The client wanted a bigger home that provides more private spaces for the kids to learn independence,” says Maggy Cheung, co-founder of Grande Interior Design.” 

Airy and sun-drenched, the 2,505 sq ft waterfront dwelling embraces a white colour palette throughout to let the sea view take centre stage. In the living room, a sofa by B&B Italia mingles with an arc floor lamp by Flos. A television is tucked away behind sliding panels, featuring a seascape oil painting as an extension of the vista, and adding a calming, breezy feel to the home. 

To add extra depth, the interior is layered with recessed ceiling light fixture stripes in striking black that stretch across the living and dining room to counteract its low ceiling height. 

Maintaining consistency in style was a major task, as the couple favours the appeal of an urban loft but also traditional classic elements. Grande Interior Design managed to strike a tasteful balance between the two, with an exemplar being the fireplace that anchors the dining space.

“The client was looking for a wood-burning fireplace as a decorative element,” the designer explains, “but it was quite a challenge putting the idea in place due to its inherent issues, such as the smoking problem.”

To solve this issue, the designer responded with implementing an electric fireplace decked out in Italian lava stones, showcasing a mix of tradition and modernity that blends right into the desired aesthetic. The dining area also plays host to a marble-topped table by B&B Italia, paired with a ring chandelier in brass finish that proves to be an elegant addition to the space.

By the entrance, a narrow corridor leading to the bedrooms is concealed behind white-clad wooden panes that lend the space a certain sleekness. With overwhelming views of the Tolo Habour, the bedrooms are kept simple to accent the inherent quality the apartment holds, punctuated with hints of royal blue that bring a jolt of energy to the soft hues.

The master bedroom is connected to a generously proportioned walk-in closet featuring a wall of handbag-display cabinets and an island closet, illuminated by the Bolle pendant from Giopato&Coombes. Clearly, this family retreat strikes the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

The children’s rooms are strategically designed to give the kids more space to grow.

A well-equipped mulitpurpose room is perfect for the family to exercise, mediate or simply wind down. 

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