The ever-evolving connection between human and ecology has set the base for many mesmerizing designs and creations we see in everyday life. As one of the purist forms of art, the ephemeral beauty of ocean waves comes with an unparalleled power to calm one’s body and soul.

When T.K.Chu of interior design practice T.K.Chu Design and his team were tasked to conceive a transformative living environment for a duplex penthouse in Zhuhai, the master of Neo Art Deco brought what he does best to the table and poetically integrated the essence of the forementioned in the sprawling premise. Scroll through the gallery below (Photography: Boris Shiu) and dive into the deep blue sea:

 “We were in the search of the ocean,” T.K. says as he explains the team’s creative approach and goal to the residential project. “We first arrived at the penthouse, and while we were thrilled to see such soaring ceilings and spacious windows, the team was also let down by how the seemingly great advantage was segregated into two halves by a gigantic beam and caused damages to the flow between spaces.”

If this wasn’t bad enough, sharp edges and awkward nooks that weren’t well utilized were scattered throughout, and the architecture’s tilted facade also made tailoring window curtains more challenging than it should be. “There were plenty of ‘chopped up’ zones sprinkled across that were not given any function or identity. That’s when we decided to use the ocean as an effective medium to bring back life, freedom and hope. It was also important for us all to reflect on our relationship with nature and how we can establish a bridge with the world.” 

Most of all, the home was envisioned as a multifunctional hub; an everyday living environment, a secretive getaway destination, a sophisticated, professional ambience for business meetings. “We foresaw a lot of special occasions would be happening in the space, such as art appreciation events, exhibition curations, social drinks and dinners amongst elites, so it was sensible to decrease the number of bedrooms down to just one and expand the space for entertaining,” the designer reveals.

Complete with an unmistakable vista, a streamlined decorative scheme and separated cooking areas for Chinese and Western cuisines, the luxury property now doubles as the most sought-after private club, too.  

To eliminate the obstacles in the way of a seamless transition, T.K. and his team made a bold choice to take down the foyer. “A foyer is supposed to inject a sense of arrival and add the suspense to the following experience. But in this particular context, the foyer wasn’t functioning in its finest form - one had to walk past it no matter where they wanted to travel inside the home. It had unfortunately become a burden to bear.”

By taking down the foyer, the unobstructed panoramic view of the ocean is now amplified and subtly forms a screen of a mystic sea with the help of relocating the stairs to one side of the living area. “We did that [moving the stairs to the lounge] to enhance the airiness with the calming influence of water. As one navigates the penthouse, a pleasant encounter with the sensational waves is expected,” T.K. continues. 

To ooze confidence and stability throughout the space, the allure of aquatic accents comes into play in the form of silhouettes, colour schemes and furniture pieces, just to name a few. Soothing beige, pristine white and tactile details such as a wealth of marbles and stainless-steel accents strike a delicate balance with serene blues in different shades.

Not to mention the alluring arches and apertures abound. “It almost feels like as if the waves have gently touched upon every single inch of the home and left subtle yet impactful marks throughout,” the designer smiles. And the cherry on top? A series of imaginative art works to brighten up each corner and transport you away from the hectic reality. “These whimsical pieces help bring out the inner child in us and encourage all to embrace life wholeheartedly,” T.K. concludes.

Wavy silhouette and innovative artwork come together at this whimsical living space full of energy and inspiration.

home interior design apartment duplex penthouse Zhuhai China

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