It’s hard to imagine a home like this in Hong Kong exists. Boasting a majestic four-storey exterior, an even more impressive and intricately expressed interior, curated at every corner with thought and consideration, impactful artwork, a private lift, state of the art appliances, as well as an expansive exterior terrace, garden, lounge and dining areas and private pool, this really is the dream. Even more impressive is the sheer scale of it – all 10,000 square feet of pure luxury.

Iconic furnishings are paired with unique artwork sourced by the homeowner from Art Basel, while beautiful Hermès accessories amalgamate with fine silver and gorgeous textures

This was the vision of the tasteful homeowner and lady of the house, who’s mission was to create the perfect residence for her family. They previously resided in a beautiful home in the Mid-Levels but wanted to expand their space to enable better bonding and living experiences. “I especially wanted to ensure all three of my children’s rooms could encompass their own ensuite bathrooms”, she shares. Thus began her journey to renovate and decorate this Mount Nicholson residence – a project that took two years to completion. Scroll through the gallery below (Photography: Kenneth Chao) to explore more:

While the end result looks like artistic expression from a tried and tested professional, the humble homeowner shares that she worried about the end result throughout. “Whether it’s choosing the materials, balancing textures or the furnishings, it was hard to imagine what it would actually look like until we could see the effect of everything together and moved in, she recalls. “I’d say my style is contemporary classic but I like to find pieces that are unique and speak out to me.”

Clearly, she has a natural talent when it comes to design as well as an impeccable eye. Overseeing the project, she worked with numerous designers, contractors and suppliers throughout the process, including interior designer Alfred Lam of Studio 1618, who she credits with helping her make some selections - the mirror in the guest powder room as well as choosing the wallpapers throughout. “He also came up with the idea of using gold for the ceilings in the living and dining area, which I think adds a lovely textured effect,” the homeowner says.

Furthermore, she worked closely with Magazzini Vivace for sourcing and curating some of the outstanding furnishings and object d’arts in the abode – a collaboration she says she had total trust in. “I’ve worked with Fion and the Magazzini team for a long time and they understand my inclinations and preferences – they helped with the measurements, the fittings and the placement of the pieces, ensuring no detail was ever left unattended to.” 

Art furnishings from Magazzini Vivace take pride of place around the space, with key highlights including the Promemoria chairs in the living room and in the tea room, a custom cream sofa upholstered with Loro Piana fabrics and a statement crystal chandelier from Mathieu Lustrerie, which is the piece de resistance at the entrance foyer. 

Understanding that future is linked to history, Mathieu Lustrerie Atelier is known for their unparalleled quality of restoration and reproduction of antique chandeliers. Seeing this stunner - especially when the light hits the different facets of the rock crystal – is mesmerizing, evoking different moods and elements at different times of the day.

This statement dining room really is a feast for the senses, where the gracious hostess has set a stunning scene, fit for every celebratory gathering. 

Another lighting standout is the showstopping Cherry Bomb Fringe chandelier by Lindsey Adelman, perched strikingly above the dining table. Exuding a completely different ambience when the light is on as opposed to when it’s off, the homeowner shares she fell in love with it after her previous designer had proposed it, and then she saw it again on social media. This customized piece enables a juxtaposition of styles in the room – fusing modernity and organic touches, which is at the same time traditional and innovative yet providing an ethereal quality that elevates the dining room. 

Indeed, it’s the ideal setting for the consummate hostess to host her many varied gatherings, with family and friends, and her children’s friends for enjoying good times. “As a family, we love hanging out on the ground floor, having our meals, pool parties, cooking outdoors and enjoying each other’s company,” the homeowner shares. “Sometimes we have guests over that spend hours sitting outside and don’t want to leave. One of my favourite places is having a long breakfast on the outdoor deck and just relaxing within nature.” 

Sumptuous seating units make for a social hub for the generous family to host endless parties and gatherings. 

The outdoor area is another paradise, where the homeowners spared no expense in completely retiling the pool and decorating the deck with chic Dedon furnishings.  

The attention to detail is evident throughout the home, from the intricate wall mouldings (the homeowner reveals these took months to perfect until she was satisfied with the proportion and balance of the lines) to the artful mix of materials – ranging from wood to marble, tiles, steel to wall and ceiling effects – and even the textured pieces of art underfoot.

On the advice of Magazzini, the homeowner chose two stunning rugs designed by architect Jurgen Dahlmann to define and delineate the living area and sitting room area with the antique fireplace. Says Fion Lee of Magazzini Vivace, “working with the homeowner was such a delight as she has wonderful taste, but she also understands that really outstanding furnishings encapsulate art and fine craftsmanship and are often worth the wait to make that impact in certain areas.” 

Whether it's unwinding in the carefully curated tea room, or choosing a bottle of refined wine from the private cellar, this home is filled wth elements to invigorate and inspire.

Despite the size of this home, it is filled with warmth. The homeowner’s love for her children is evident as we witness their interaction through laughs and happy banter, and how she welcomes each of their guests like her own. On the two days of our shoot, she is the most generous hostess, serving us tea and coffee, elegant lunches as well as having fresh cake, fruits and hazelnuts always on the ready. Refined notes from Jo Malone candles gently waft throughout the space, and she has beautifully set the table with fine cutlery and Armani flowers for a proper celebratory meal. She has successfully transported us to another space. 

This home clearly defines the best experience for its residents’, and most visitors are awed when they first step inside. Many neighbors have been so impressed they have asked the homeowner for her tips and advice on decorating their abodes. 

To which she responds with a laugh, “to really advise anyone would be too much pressure as creating one’s dream home is such a personal thing. It should reflect your own needs, and no one knows that better or more than yourself.”

The master bedroom ensuite boasts a lavish personal sanctuary - the white marbled bathroom bedecked in state of the art fittings by Arnhold. 

One of the children's ensuite bedrooms in classic, monochromatic hues sets the bar for contemporary living. 

The well-ventilated bathroom is filled with natural light. 

Juxtaposed art with a velvet console is striking in another landing.

A feature wall at the end of the hallway stuns in Lalique.

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