The key to realizing a space that feels simultaneously effortless in chic and elegace is a delicate balance.

Imbue your home with an unassuming allure (Image courtesy of H&M Home)
A delicately furnished corner exudes contemporary flair (Images courtesy of H&M Home)

While adding sophisticated appointments and decorative details to an existing setting will undoubtedly up the glam factor, it’s important to leave plenty of room to move and breathe. Make sure to keep your fixtures and fittings streamlined for uncluttered surfaces. Layer your interiors with art pieces and complementary colours to enrich the timeless style. Pair a statement piece with items such as a coffee table, an exquisite floor lamp, thriving plants, and easy accessories like throws and cushions to add a riot of pattern and colour to your home without overwhelming the senses. Stick to a neutral palette - think greys, whites and beiges as your backdrop to form a united open space and then allow your curated vignette to take the stage. Scroll through the gallery below (Leading images and Facebook cover photos courtesy of H&M Home) and discover essential pieces to covet in creating a timeless urban rhythm:

1. Fulcrum matte black chandelier

Lee Broom, price upon request

2. Eave Dining sofa

Menu, price upon request 

3. Vector dish

BoConcept, $1,259

4. Disc rug

BoConcept, $5,579

5. Dark green large glass vase

H&M Home, $279

6. Samuel & Sons’ Flame embroidered border

Altfield Interiors, $530 (per yard) 

7. White small printed dish

H&M Home, $39.9 

8. Slash Objects’ Rubber coaster set – Royal
9. Karlsson’s Index alarm clock

Pioneer Lifestyle, price upon request

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