Andy Wan believes in keeping things simple. His design aesthetic is clean, preferring to let the warmth of natural materials play out against a white canvas. But this 2,600 sq ft penthouse for a family of four in Ho Man Tin may be one of his more luxurious projects, as per his clients' request. 

"They often invite friends to the flat so the homeowners would like to have a comfortable and spacious environment to share quality time with family and friends," says Andy, the design director of the award-winning interior design firm Pure AW's Designers. "Besides providing a comfortable and cosy environment for the family, they also want something that is subtly luxurious." (Photography: Pure AW’s Designers & Kenneth Chao; Production: Nikey Cheng)

Other requirements include having a more welcoming entrance, which Andy did by adding an oblique panel with curated elements at the foyer, as well as interchanging the location of the living and dining room but keeping the existing cabinets in the kitchen. The latter proved to be the most challenging aspect of the project, according to Andy. 

Interior designer Andy Wan conceived a subtly glamourous atomsphere for the soothing family home. 

"The most challenging part is moving the luxurious kitchen cabinet from one side to another, which incurred various electrical appliances and keeping its original structure and materials. It takes extra care to maintain its original condition," recounts Andy.

The effort was well worth it, now that the dining area is located near the outdoor patio and the family can enjoy their meals with the spectacular view of the Hong Kong skyline. To further bring nature indoors, adding some lush plants and summery outdoor furniture to match with the overall interior design.

A seamless transition has been successfully established through a delicate use of lush plants and summery outdoor furniture to invite the outdoors in. 

For Andy, the living and dining areas turned out to be his favourite part of the design process due to subtle details that add to the grandeur.

"The use of resin materials for the feature walls provides a grand and clean atmosphere for these two areas, particularly by hiding the kitchen and washroom door," explains Andy. "If you take a closer look, you will find a unique pattern tailor-made for this residence. There are some detailed features which are not overly eye-catching, but can enrich overall usage of materials, including the highlight of metal stripes amongst the wall panels and the airy patterned ceiling."

Upstairs, the space of the bedrooms is also better utilised, thanks to an ingenious idea to separate the rooms with wardrobe instead of a traditional partition wall. The master bedroom ended up being the family's favourite area in the home, for it is cosy but with an opulence that reminds them of staying in a high-end hotel.

On how to achieve that balance, Andy says, "The use of wood veneer at the wall of the walk-in closet not only gives a natural and warm feeling but also matches with the Chinese-styled antique furniture in the bedroom."

Andy's holistic approach contributes to a home that emanates comfort and warmth while encouraging conversation and inspiration.

Thanks to Andy's attention to detail and commitment to his style, this Ho Man Tin home is, as one would call it, a new high point in liveable luxury. 

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