When it comes to decorating your home, you may find the idea of combining “urban” and “rustic” hard to digest.

Image courtesy of Bloomingville

It is indeed true however that the two seemingly polarized concepts can contribute to a sustainable and alluring scene that exceeds all expectations. To master the style, you should focus on simplicity and utilize recurring motifs such as clean lines and irregular textures. Meanwhile, don’t shy away from blending in edgy vibes and juxtaposing unusual materials to evoke authenticity and a sense of rawness. This elemental feel can be achieved through neutral colour palettes and basic materials like reclaimed wood to add a restful warmth to your personal sanctuary. Feel free to throw in bohemian and vintage statement pieces to enhance that “country-meets-city” look. Scroll through the gallery below (Leading image courtesy of H&M Home; Facebook cover photos courtesy of Bloomingville) to recreate this eclectic ambience throughout your living environment: 

1. Pine framed art piece
2. The New Traditional 1 art print
3. Stellar Works x Tom Fereday lounge chair

Lane Crawford, $60,000

4. Metal yellow vase
5. Palm Leaves round panel
6. Menu’s Cyclade vase
7. The Designer’s Palette grasscloth

Atfield Interiors, $1,600 (per roll)

8. Bamboo wall decor
9. Madagascar hanging lamp

TREE, $4,450

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