Take your mind off the complexity of daily life and hold on to the times that bring you happiness.

(Image courtesy of Bloomingville)

Utilizing colours for a mindfully-designed space is probably one of the most efficient solutions to move toward to a calm and empowered living attitude. According to Dulux Australia’s Colour Forecast 2020, there are four essential trends that make for beautiful interiors with hints of escapism: Grounded, Comeback, Cultivated, and Indulge. Grounded focuses on natural materials that highlight raw beauty - you may punctuate neutral schemes with an accent tone that pleases the eye, say muted lavender and soft blush. As for Comeback, it aims to reignite your innate creativity through unusual combinations of decor and rich hues for an eclectic look; think pairing stark white with red, blue and orange. Cultivate, on the other hand, serves as a wakeup call to disconnect from the digital world and rediscover calmness. Layer gentle greens to encourage personal growth in your private refuge. Last but not least, Indulge interweaves shades of red (browns, burgundy, oranges) for a decadent sanctuary to inspire and rejuvenate. We selected 9 pieces to help you conceive your desired getaway (Leading images courtesy of Bloomingville):

1. Jim Thompson’s Moorea fabric

Atfield Interiors, price upon request

2. Mole cushion cover

H&M Home, $79.9

3. Gubi Stay lounge

Establo, from $24,170

4. Porta Romana’s Urchin chandelier

Atfield Interiors, price upon request

5. Luna metal vase

BoConcept, $489

6. Woud’s Pidestall large planter
7. Madrid coffee table

BoConcept, $6,529

8. Northern’s Diva light

Establo, $22,970

9. Menu’s Eave sofa

House For Goodies, from $34,980

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