When a retired couple were moving back to Hong Kong from Indonesia, they brought back with them a massive collection of art pieces, statues, books and carpets gleaned from their travels and encounters all over the world.

As a result, they already had a clear vision of what their ideal home should look like when they approached Clifton Leung Design Workshop.

"Their huge collection of carpet and collectables was the biggest brief!" recalls Clifton Leung. "We asked our client to show us every piece so that we knew the styles and how to incorporate them into the design."

Clifton Leung

Having understood the varieties of styles for the collectables, some of them with the most striking colours, Clifton designed a minimal home with a gallery concept for the couple to display their unique pieces.

Scroll through the gallery to see more of this bright and eclectic home:

La Clare Mansion is a 30-year-old building in Pokfulam with the apartments built in a traditional "Hong Kong-style layout" – with a long, dark corridor and rooms on both sides. "Despite the unsatisfactory existing conditions of the space, I saw the potential in its flexibility for a re-layout as it didn't have many structural walls," recalls Clifton.

Everything was gutted out except for the four walls of the house. "I also upgraded the electricity upgrade for modern use, re-doing all the pipings etc. It's was an extensive renovation," says Clifton.

The Mughal rug sets the foundation of the living room. It is layered with a natural wood slab table and prized pieces from Indonesia, like the Rumah Adat door from Lamaknen, Belu and artworks from Batuan, Bali.

In the living room, the dynamic colours of the Balinese aluminium cement dining table take centre stage and the designer has paired it with a Turkish West Anatolian antique silk rug.

A 1995 painting by Vietnamese artist Dang Xuan Hoa.

The kitchen takes on a more modern approach with a three-in-one kitchen island that serves as a breakfast bar table, preparation counter and storage. According to Clifton, it was designed in a round shape so that it feels more welcoming and hospitable when guests come over. 

A white painted brick wall feature - Clifton's signature, was created to enable a hip, loft feel and a contemporary yet simple backdrop to the large paintings. For this project, he did it slightly differently: "Instead of a regular running bond pattern throughout, I did some variations of the patterns, he explains. "It gives a more lively vibe which matches the style of the collectables."

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom takes on a muted grey colour palette, creating a minimalistic  space for the couple to relax and get ready in between areas filled with their treasures of antiques and artefacts. 

One key detail that isn't obvious is the light feature on the walls of the activity room and guest bathroom. Clifton used glass at the top part of the wall which allows light - natural light during the daytime and LED lights at night - to be penetrated in between the two rooms. "It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical as it can borrow lights between rooms," he explains.

A Marri Timber Desk by JahRoc Galleries from Margaret River, Australia is the perfect statement piece against the bold colours of the many Turkish rugs.

In contrast, the balcony clean and obstructured, allowing the homeowners to enjoy an unobstructed view of Hong Kong and the hills of Lung Fu Shan without distraction.

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