The meaning of "home" is different for everyone. It may be a resting place, an escape from reality, a safe and warm haven, or a place where the heart belongs.

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. No matter where you are, home is where you feel at ease. This 712 sq ft house in Taipei is the fruition of the homeowners' blueprint of their dream home, incorporating elements that evoke childhood nostalgia. With vintage colours like kale green and earth tones, the space becomes a place where they store beautiful daily memories.

At the entrance, green is used to bring a fresh and healing atmosphere. A khaki perforated wall created additional storage space for the homeowners and at the same time gives more layers to the space. The designer makes particular use of wood grain to infuse more warmth to the dining area.

The long living room is painted white to keep it feeling open and airy. A customised L-shaped storage rack increases the effectiveness of the space, making it convenient for the homeowners to place coffee or books. Taking away the need for a central coffee table, the designer chose a retro sofa as the centrepiece to make the pure white space cosier. A simple side table and floor lamp make the small living room more stylish.

As for the master bedroom, the designer used soft light pink as the primary colour. The curved wooden structure softens the look of the windows, echoed by the similar bed frame which ties the whole look together.

Scroll through the gallery below for more photos of the space:

home design interior warm colours small space decor Taipei Taiwan

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