Just like a wandering boat on the search for a safe harbour, many of us are also constantly looking for an anchor in life that we call home – until you actually find it and realise that home, in fact, is wherever your loved ones are.

In Taipei, a couple and their two cats, "Shiyi" and "Little Prince", have found their safe haven in the form of a 538sqft apartment. To create their ideal palace for their young family of four, they tapped design studio NestSpace Design to implement their requirements into the interior design.

A primary concern was to avoid creating a space that feels oppressive, and in which the fur children are allowed the freedom to play and run around; hence, the design team built a special open plan kitchen featuring a central island that enhance the sense of spaciousness. They also designed a special home office and lounge corner just behind the sofa, so that the homeowners can still spend time with the whole family despite engaging in different activities.

In any small home, clever storage spaces are paramount; as such, the designer built a grid-style storage cabinet into the walls of the work space and utilised the perforated panel as a sliding door that aptly saves space. A little walk-in closet has been added to the master en suite, allowing for clothes and clutter to be neatly out of sight. All these resulted in a sleek, beautiful and practical space that serves as a lovely paradise for the close-knit family of four.

Photos:NestSpace Design 

Scroll through the gallery below to see more of the home:

The sun-drenched wide open interiors make for a spacious playground for the homeowners' cats

The family and cook and eat together in the stylish kitchen featuring gray-blue chandeliers

The wall is designed with retro tiles in mosaic grey hues, which echo the chandeliers and wall cabinets

The staggered shelves are designed to meet the needs of both the adults and fur children

The lounge area allos for the homeowners to enjoy family time anytime, anywhere

The full-height storage cabinet features a space-saving sliding door

The bedroom is adorned with a grey-pink patterned wallpaper oozing a touch of playfulness and cosiness

With careful design, even the smallest space can come with a walk-in closet

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