Renowned Italian company Barovier&Toso’s new home on the banks of the Rio dei Vetrai is a genuine visual feast.

Spanning more than 9,600sqft, the site designed by architecture firm Calvi Brambilla offers the perfect canvas to exude the essence of Barovier&Toso and reflect the beauty of Murano glass. A specialist in Venetian glass backed by centuries of history and knowledge, the brand meticulously curated its retail space to tell the story of its style and reinvention. The result is an atmospheric boutique that actively evokes emotion and interaction.

Paolo Brambilla, co-founder of multidisciplinary firm Calvi Brambilla, expresses, To make the new Palazzo a reality, we thought about a space where history and modernity can coexist, as the two primary essences of Barovier&Toso. His co-founder Fabio Calvi adds,  We harmoniously combined an essentially modern interior design concept with the majesty of Murano glass, enhanced by a context of light and reflections.”

The sumptuous space is a modern take on historic palace architectural features with an aim to create a unique visual experience that goes hand-in-hand with limited art pieces by the likes of Jason Martin, Brigitte Kowanz, and Astrid Krogh. The ground floor, dressed in black and adorned with soft lighting, is a designated zone for reception. When you reach the first level, a series of monochrome spaces in white, gold, blue, black, and red leads to the brand’s most prestigious collections, exemplifying the design freedom Barovier&Toso embraces in terms of form, colour, and composition.

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The second level is home to a grand hall where ceiling trusses complement large chandeliers in various styles. The space is punctuated by a charming cafe bathed in delicate shades of pink, and a bar area featuring an exhibition wall of colourful handblown glass.

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