What is perfection?

We all have our own interpretation when it comes to the intangible concept. To some, supreme excellence represents a precise symmetry and refined aesthetics; while to others, it serves as an opportunity to reflect one's appreciation and affection for the beauty of imperfection - one of the prevailing traditional Japanese ideologies named wabi-sabi. After all, it's the prints and marks from everyday life and unforgettable exploration that leave a lingering memory in any homeowner's heart.  

Let your character shine through whimsical designs (Image courtesy of Norsu Interiors)
Let your character shine through whimsical designs (Image courtesy of Norsu Interiors)

Take note of the below principles by incorporating our selected designs into your decoration scheme!  

Experiment with concrete, aluminum, steel, and rusted iron to heighten the effect

Pair well-worn furniture with faux-faded fabrics for a disheveled edge

Leave tiles in original condition and highlight the imperfection with nicely done walls

Upcycled materials are perfect for bringing character and complexity to an interior setting

A mock-distressed curtain is ideal for filtering light and creating atmosphere

1. Little Petra armchair from &tradition

2. Swirl Multi Candelabra sculpture from Tom Dixon

3. Splashy stoneware vase from Broste Copenhagen

4. Michael Aram’s Dogwood Easel frame from Lane Crawford

5. Leitmotiv’s Lineate chair from Pioneer Lifestyle

6. Porta Romana’s Grace lamp from Altfield Interiors

Leading image courtesy of Norsu Interiors

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