Since opening last autumn, Soho House Hong Kong continues to be one of the most sought after spots for the City’s creative community. Beyond the eclectic and sophisticated interiors of the House, we discover how traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles are deftly integrated into the House’s design.

Thierry Chow at Soho House Hong Kong

We chat with Hong Kong-based Feng Shui Designer Thierry Chow of Thierry Go Lucky, who was consulted on the design of this project. Coming from a well-respected Feng Shui background (her father is Master Chow Hon Ming), Thierry’s work brings a stylish touch to this time-honoured practice. Scroll through the gallery below to discover more (All images courtesy of Soho House Hong Kong): 

What was your input in the design of Soho House?

I focused on the direction of the layout, furniture placement, greenery, artwork, decoration, materials, and colour palette. I also offered suggestions to ensure that the flow and energy were in good balance.

How were traditional Feng Shui principles integrated into the interior design?

To achieve balance in the House, I used the traditional principles of the Nine Flying Stars, as well as the Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth, and Water. In Feng Shui, every material, colour, texture, and object accords to a specific element. My role was to ensure that all these elements were considered, and reflected in the interior design.

What was the process of your Feng Shui consultation for the House?

The first step was to consider the direction of the building, as well as the direction of each room and area. Then, I used Numerology and the Nine Flying Stars to determine the auspiciousness of the directions, where recommendations on decorations and seating arrangements were made. Lastly, I made material, furniture, and colour suggestions, taking into consideration the overall elemental balance of the House.   

What was the most challenging aspect of combining traditional Feng Shui with contemporary interior design?

The challenge was to achieve a balance of the Five Elements, through the furniture layout and overall spatial design. On a few occasions, my suggestions differed from the House’s design concept. However, through good communication and teamwork with the Soho House Design Team, this challenge was overcome.        

How is elemental balance achieved in the House?

A balance of the Five Elements was achieved through various design features and materials. For example, the Wood element was brought in through indoor greenery, the Fire element through the lighting, the Metal element through the copper and gold finishes, the Earth element through marble, and the Water element through the water feature. Each of these features was purposefully placed in the House, in order to increase the sense of overall harmony. Moreover, the plants and water feature were brought in to bring a sense of life and energy to the space. 

What was your input on the colour palette?

I made considerable suggestions on the colour palette, taking into account the House’s art collection and furniture.  For greater harmony, I recommended earth tones and neutral colours. For specific entertainment areas, I proposed pops of bright colour through paintings and decorations, in order to give the space a sense of fun and quirkiness. The colour schemes really depended on the purpose of the respective areas… for rest and work areas, proximity to natural sunlight and warm lighting were important features.    

What are your favourite Feng Shui features in the House?

My favourites would be the marble furniture pieces, as I have a personal preference for marble. I also love the greenery present throughout the whole House.

Which is your favourite space in the House?

My favourite space is the 27th floor couch area, near the window. I really love the energy there, as plenty of natural sunlight filters in… it is the best place for working quietly, or for catching up with a friend. 

SohoHouse FengShui design interior HongKong Asia 香港 亞洲 風水 設計 室內

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