Johnny Shum, Creative Director of Make It Works (MIW), Inspires Life through Space
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Johnny Shum, the Creative Director of Make It Works (MIW), shared that their guiding principle is in the motto "Crafting space. Inspiring life." His own passion for interior design traces back to his childhood, where he would often accompany his father to construction sites.

It Began in Childhood

Shum nostalgically reminisces about his formative years, stating, "I was roughly 5 or 6 years old when I would regularly tag along with my father to construction sites, immersing myself in construction trades and tools." A fascination with spatial design began to take root in him as he actively engaged in home renovation projects, frequently rolling up his sleeves and getting hands-on. "I remember when I was 8 years old, I took the initiative to help scrape old paint off the walls and suggested using a modern design in the living room with only soft cushions instead of a traditional sofa." Even at such a young age, his mind was filled with design creativity.

Home Interior
Johnny Shum as a child and the living room he designed. (Right)

However, it wasn't until later in 2007 did the idea of pursuing a career in interior design only pique his interest. "At my first client site meeting, there were not only the clients themselves, but also foreign designers, representatives from construction companies and other professionals. That rare experience fascinated me with the interior design industry and sparked the idea of entering the field."

Make It Works
Make It Works (MIW) won the Gold Award in the Office Design category at the Home Journal Awards 2023, the award was presented by Manfred Yuen (on the right), who was one of the judges.

Determind To Be an Interior Designer

This idea took root in Shum's mind but remained dormant until his third year of university. Originally majoring in computer science, he found it difficult to adapt to the rigid work mode of an office during his internship at a company. Instead, he developed a great interest in the flexible and creative work of interior design. Consequently, after graduating from university, he switched his major to interior design and immediately began working as a project assistant at his father's company. He stated, "This internship experience allowed me to appreciate the wonders of design and solidified my determination to become a designer."

Home Interior
A photo of Shum with his teacher – Johnny Shum took up interior design after graduating university.

MIW's office is located at Unit 1107-1108,11/F, Prosperity Center, 25 Chong Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon.

Founding Interior Design Company Make It Works (MIW)

He founded the interior design company Make It Works (MIW) in 2015, dedicated to creating interior spaces that combine aesthetics and functionality. He works closely with clients to accurately achieve their design visions. Today, MIW has become a well-known interior design company.

Johnny said, "We have always believed that the core of design lies in meeting the needs of clients. During the design process, we thoroughly understand clients' lifestyles, work patterns, and personal preferences, which serves as a crucial foundation for our designs.

Home Interior
Residential project: Horace Court, Happy Valley

He continued, "MIW firmly believes that thoughtfully designed spaces have the power to inspire and influence people's lifestyles. We centre each project around the needs and lifestyle of our clients, creating practical and aesthetically pleasing spaces. They can unleash their imagination within these spaces and embrace a personalised way of living, which is the essence of 'inspiring life'."

Home Interior
Home Interior

Motto: Crafting space. Inspiring life.

He continued, "Last year, we changed our original slogan 'WHAT is more' to 'Crafting space. Inspiring life.' With the new slogan, we hope to elevate design to a higher level, not only focusing on space but also inspiring people's quality of life."

They hope to inspire clients to have a new perspective on life through design, such as utilising space flexibly and exploring new lifestyles. Understanding the clients remains their first priority.

Home Interior

An Attitude of "Willing to Learn, Eager to Communicate, Courage to Take Responsibility and Daring to Create"

Over the course of his decade-spanning career in design, he has remained committed to constant learning, emphasising, "Interior design demands diverse expertise and adaptability to overcome unexpected obstacles and circumstances. Designers must constantly broaden their skills to effectively handle various challenges alongside project deadlines, that's why I prioritise daily self-education. When confronted with difficulties, I consistently uphold an attitude characterised by 'willing to learn, eager to communicate, courage to take responsibility and daring to create'. I'm always willing to embrace opportunities to learn and adopt innovative approaches, eagerly communicate with others to find solutions, courageously take responsibility and daringly venture into uncharted territory to explore new possibilities."

Home Interior

Home Interior

MIW's "Crafting Space. Inspiring Life" Attitude

He added, "Everyone has unique needs and preferences so it's unwise to assume that one can prescribe a universal definition of 'perfection'. Make It Works (MIW) firmly believes in resilient spatial design techniques, much like leaving negative space in arts and painting. We prioritise spatial and adaptive elements, allowing our clients to experience, consistently enhance and refine their space based on their individual preferences and time-changing requirements. This approach aligns with our overarching attitude – 'Space Inspiring Life'."

Photo: Make It Works (MIW)

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