Franck Millot: The Visionary Behind Maison&Objet
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Franck Millot, the director of partnerships and special events at Maison&Objet, has been a driving force in shaping the global design and decoration landscape. Since 1994, Millot has played a pivotal role in transforming Maison&Objet into one of the world's most prominent design and decoration events.

In addition to his contributions to Maison&Objet, Millot has also directed Paris Design Week since 2011. This popular event, which draws over 100,000 visitors, encompasses more than 150 locations across Paris, including showrooms, boutiques, concept stores, museums, and design schools. The event has become a fixture on the design calendar, garnering widespread attention from the French and international press for its creative and innovative offerings.

Millot reflected on his time at Maison&Objet, saying, "When we first started, it was a small but promising venture. Over the years, we've expanded our reach by developing new markets and sections, enabling us to grow our audience and gain international recognition." Today, Maison&Objet has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses a bi-annual trade show and a digital platform, attracting a global audience.

However, Millot acknowledges that expanding into the international market has not been without its challenges. "Thirty years ago, the world of production was largely localised, with Europe being a major hub. However, we've witnessed a significant shift towards globalisation, with Asia emerging as a dominant player." He also notes the profound impact of digitalization on the industry, with the rise of digital sourcing making it possible to connect with suppliers online.

Despite the challenges, Millot believes that the key to Maison&Objet's success lies in its ability to create an immersive and memorable experience for attendees. "While digital events have their advantages, they can't replicate the excitement and serendipity of physical events," he says. By incorporating a range of elements, such as gatherings, presentations, animations, and panel discussions, Maison&Objet creates an ecosystem that fosters unexpected connections and discoveries.

Looking ahead, Millot predicts that trade shows will evolve to become highly specialised, focusing on specific topics and excelling in those areas. He also foresees a decline in mid-tier, generalist trade shows, as attendees prioritise their time and focus on events that offer exceptional value and relevance to their specific goals.

As for Maison&Objet's future, Millot believes that the key to sustained relevance and growth lies in captivating the audience with novel trends and emerging developments. "Every time we manage to capture the attention and interest of the audience with novel trends and emerging developments, and ultimately deliver a positive experience for them, we provide genuine value to the market, brands, designers, and the media," he says.

Millot is also excited about the upcoming KODW event, which will explore the intersection of emerging technologies like AI and 3D printing with traditional crafts and design practices. The event's theme, "Crafting Tomorrow's Design," will delve into how designers and makers are navigating and harnessing this technological revolution, while also highlighting the need for authenticity and a more grounded, sustainable relationship between people, materials, and the made world.

As Maison&Objet celebrates its 30th anniversary, Millot's vision for the future is clear: to continue shaping the design industry by providing a platform for innovation, creativity, and connection.

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