Four Seasons New York Interior Designer Peter Remedios Shares His Design Inspiration and More
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After his huge success with the design of Four Seasons New York, Peter Remedios established his interior design and architecture studio in California in 2007, before relocating to Hong Kong in 2010. With over 30 years of experience in luxury hotel and resort design under his belt, Remedios has since led his company to become one of the industry’s best boutique design practices. It has a track record of exceeding traditional design expectations by improving the end-user experience, with flagship projects such as the Grand Hyatt Tokyo and Mandarin Oriental, along with prestigious residential developments such as Gramercy and The Seymour in the Mid-Levels.

Four Seasons New York Interior Designer Peter Remedios Shares His Design Inspiration and More
Ritz Carlton Kyoto.

Can you describe your design ethos? And how it has evolved over your career?

When it comes to my design ethos, two things are always at the forefront: putting the end-user first and achieving financial success. Think about when you splurge on a luxury brand. It’s not just about the product itself; it’s about the entire lifestyle, experience, and story that the brand represents. In the same way, my designs are intended to go beyond functionality and aesthetics. I want to create an entire world that users can immerse themselves in, and feel a deep connection to. Many people tend to underestimate the emotional aspect of making purchases. It’s funny because even my male friends who are bankers or lawyers, who typically consider themselves logical decision-makers, are not immune to the power of emotions.
Take the example of men who have a fondness for buying classic cars. There’s nothing inherently logical about it, as these cars often have outdated designs and engineering. However, men are drawn to them because there’s something about these vehicles that deeply touches their hearts. It reminds them of their childhood and stirs nostalgic sentiments.

Going through COVID, where we’ve lost friends and family, has only deepened my determination to craft designs that resonate with people on an emotional level and provide a special place for their cherished memories.

Four Seasons New York Interior Designer Peter Remedios Shares His Design Inspiration and More
Plaisance by Mauro Colagreco

Which project(s) are you most proud of this year?

One of my favourite projects this year is a new restaurant in Duddell Street, Central (Plaisance by Mauro Colagreco) led by celebrity chef, Mauro. With a focus on sustainable seafood, Mauro envisioned an ocean-inspired setting. So, we ran with the idea of taking diners on a deep dive into the depths of the ocean.

On the top floor, we sought to replicate the serene surface of the ocean, akin to the shallow waters. The space is adorned with stunning turquoise tones reminiscent of vibrant coral reefs and the Maldives’ pristine oceans. As we descend to the middle floor, we gradually transition to a deeper blue, evoking a sense of traversing the ocean floor. Finally, we arrive at the basement, where we’ve created a captivating ambiance akin to the mysterious and enticing deep ocean. This floor will serve as a members’ club offering an exclusive and personalised dining experience.

If not an interior designer, what would you rather do?

I absolutely love design and architecture, and I find joy in exploring and appreciating every single aspect of these fields. At Remedios Studio, we’re a multi-disciplinary practice that covers a wide range of creative expressions such as architecture, interior design, graphic design, product design, and furniture design, just to name a few.
Whenever we jump onto a new project, we go into a deep dive into every little detail about the history and culture of the location around the project to create a captivating story out of all this information. I find this process incredibly intriguing and fun. So, if I could reset the clock and choose again, I would still choose this profession.

Four Seasons New York Interior Designer Peter Remedios Shares His Design Inspiration and More

Can you name a book, movie, or music track that has significantly inspired your designs?

I find that my biggest inspiration comes from the world I see and experience every day. Whether it’s the mesmerising play of light through the leaves, or the way shadows create stunning patterns on the ground, these simple moments ignite my creativity. Sometimes, my friends catch me in the act, moving my hands as if I’m holding a pencil and sketching in the air. They jokingly ask, “Hey Peter, are you designing something again?”

Aside from the natural world, I’m also greatly inspired by architectural marvels and the incredible designs crafted by others. The way buildings blend functionality and aesthetics, and the sheer innovation behind their creation, never fails to captivate me. Seeing great designs from different perspectives fuels my imagination and pushes me to further explore my own artistic abilities.

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