Experience the Tesla Cybertruck in Hong Kong
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Make your way to Lee Tung Avenue in Wan Chai before April 18th to witness the impressive display of the Tesla Cybertruck. This electric vehicle embodies a futuristic aura reminiscent of "Back to the Future," seamlessly blending the functionality of a truck with the performance of a sports car. Its robustness and adaptability make it suitable for any environment, even otherworldly ones like Mars.

Elon Musk himself has aptly described the Cybertruck as a "cyberpunk, Blade Runner pickup" with its distinctive exoskeleton design. Crafted from exceptionally thick 3 mm (1/8 in) stainless steel body panels that cannot be shaped using conventional stamping methods, the Cybertruck boasts a sharp and angular appearance akin to origami.

In addition to marveling at the Cybertruck, visitors can engage in green workshops and educational tours focused on energy conservation and sustainability. These immersive experiences cover a range of topics, including upcycling and the art of bonsai. Best of all, all workshops are free of charge and operate on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate.

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