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An Insiders' Guide to Choosing the Perfect Interior Designer
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When it comes to handpicking an interior designer to bring your dream home to life, that process itself can feel a bit like dating – not only are you looking for someone whose vision and aesthetic sense fit snugly with yours, but things such as trust, communication and personalities are all factors that can’t be overlooked. 

An Insiders' Guide to Choosing the Perfect Interior Designer
Interiors by Laurence Beysecker; cover photo courtesy of Blue Carreon

After all, whether if you're a first-time homeowner overhauling an entire house or just giving your room a chic sprucing up, creating a space that speaks to you is a highly personal (and sometimes long) journey. The right interior designer who can not only work with you on everything from creating mood boards to furniture sourcing and managing budgets, but also take your creative inspirations to the next level is sure to make the entire process much more fun.



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So if you've decided to hire an interior designer but are not sure where – and what – to look, scroll through the below gallery for a few rules of thumb to get you started:

An Insiders' Guide to Choosing the Perfect Interior Designer

Are you a maximalist or minimalist? Would you prefer sleek modern furniture or a treasure trove of antique gems? To design a space that is truly reflects you, it’s crucial to first understand what kind of decorating style and aesthetic appeals to you. Create a moodboard collating of all your favourite Pinterest pins and magazine cut-outs (take a look here) to get you inspired, and bring along any sketches, plans or drawings. The more information you have, the easier it is to communicate what you have in mind and develop a brief more effectively with a designer.

Interiors by Timothy Corrigan

An Insiders' Guide to Choosing the Perfect Interior Designer

It's the one thing that's the easiest to veer off track when you're deciding between hundreds of exquisite options and just want them all – but it's vital to be brutally honest about your budget and know in advance how much you're prepared to spend, which can vary vastly based on the size and scope of your project. Don't afraid to set expectations and be upfront with your designer about keeping the work under that budget, either.

Interiors by Iryna Dzhemesiuk

An Insiders' Guide to Choosing the Perfect Interior Designer

It's one thing to know how you want your home to look; it's another to find someone who just naturally 'gets' your style preferences and is aligned with your aesthetic. The best way to achieve this? Scrutinise the portfolios of at least dozens of designers and imagine living in the spaces that they've created; you can also ask around friends and family for designers they've used and loved before, before narrowing down to just a few whose work connect with you and arrange for an interview or phone call to get to know them better.

Interiors by Peggy Bels

An Insiders' Guide to Choosing the Perfect Interior Designer

One of the biggest factors in a successful designer-client partnership is whether you get along well.  Do you have a good feeling about the other person? Do your personalities and communication styles match up? An average project takes months or sometimes even years to complete, during which you're like to be sharing many personal stories, brainstorming and tackling unexpected circumstances together – so having trust and comfort early on is absolutely vital to ensure that things run smoothly. Listen to your instinct and go with your gut. You never know – this person could end up being a friend for life. 

Interiors by Alexander & Co

An Insiders' Guide to Choosing the Perfect Interior Designer

It's a rare occasion that a client absolutely loves everything that an interior designer puts forth, yet keeping an open mind and experimental spirit might bring about surprising and beautiful results. Have confidence in your designer's creative vision while letting his or her ideas – whether that be an unexpectedly shaped sofa or an audacious wall paint you'd never considered before – fully sink in and be mulled over before reaching a decision. At the end, a great designer is one who takes your expectations to the next level and expand your creative horizons.

Interiors by Hannah de Cecil

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