Inject Instagram-worthy inspo into your home and everyday life by following these tasteful individuals based in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila

9 Asian Design and Lifestyle Personalities to Follow on Instagram
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Inspiration comes in many forms, and it's easier to find than ever on Instagram, the platform of choice for anyone visually inclined — from CEOs and entrepreneurs to celebrities and creatives — to chronicle their lives.

The following lifestyle and home decor-oriented Instagram accounts will save you a trip to showrooms during your next renovation, or even kickstart an obsession for meticulously arranging your work desk. Here are nine personalities to discover online, if you haven't yet. 

1. Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, @stephkienlegonzalez

A lifestyle television show host and the COO of Philux (@_philux_), a family-run upscale furniture brand in the Philippines, Stephanie posts glimpses of a charmed life on her Instagram account, from design collections in progress and daily interior inspiration to  her beautiful family of four's travels to various beaches and European locales. Also keep an eye out for snapshots of her well-appointed home — it's a study in understated glamour. 

2. Charlene Chen, @dearchar_

A designer and content creator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Charlene is famed for her delicate interpretation on home decoration and daily inspirations. The lifestyle maven also takes her followers to the latest hotspots around the globe, plus sharing insightful tips on taking care of plants and image editing for Instagram. Apart from her charming Instagram page, we also suggest soon-to-marry couples to take note of her detailed sharing on her own wedding just last year on her website.  The weekend crafter also loves curating resin art pieces as a hobby and hopes to develop as a business soon — view her beautiful pieces on @madebydearchar

3. Tania Reinert, @nikakaitravels

The founder of lifestyle and travel journal Nika Kai is focused on creating child-friendly homes, with inspiration drawn from her adventures in travelling and parenting. Tania hails from an international background: she was born in Moscow, raised in Spain, and studied in London. Her adventurous lifestyle was adjusted to make room for the arrival of her children. This led to Tania leaving the frantic pace of Hong Kong Island where she was previously based, for the tranquility of South Lantau, creating the idyllic hashtag #lantauliving in the process.

4. Phoebe Soup, @phoebesoup

No Hong Kong home decor list will be complete without including the effortless workspace flatlays of Phoebe Soup. Her Instagram handle is derived from her actual surname, 湯 (pronounced Tong), which really means soup. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Phoebe Soup had a brief stint in Milan during her Hong Kong translation degree, before pursuing an advertising degree in London. She is now the art director and stylist of Lab VIII.

5. Anne Cui, @anneparavio

Anne Cui’s Instagram started as a visual feed to capture the memories of her travels, especially things she can’t take home – pretty doors are pretty hard to make off with! Her love for travel is reflected in her handle, which comes from old-school Avion mailing labels. While undertaking her art history degree, she chanced upon an Islamic art and architecture class, which kindled a love for the intricate details of Middle Eastern art and resulted in a language immersion program in Beirut. She currently splits her time between Hong Kong and San Francisco.

6. Lex Mak, @mrgumbatron

Lex Mak’s Instagram is an ode to his personal motto to Dress well. Drink well. Live well.” With an eye for style, details and composition, Lex hopes to inspire the modern man with his specialty coffee adventures, fashion cues, and dedication to self-improvement.

In addition to graduating from The University of Melbourne with an architecture degree and founding his own design practice, Lex applies his experience from 10 years in the hospitality industry as a mixologist, barista and event manager to create beautiful cafe interiors. He has worked with brands such as Cathay Pacific, Mr. Porter and Esquire.

7. Samantha Wong, @samishome

Samantha Wong first started her blog, Sam Is Home, in 2010, with a focus on food, fashion and lifestyle. Initially, it showcased her baking and her take on menswear clothing; it was only upon her friend’s suggestion in 2013 that she began to take prop styling seriously. Her stint at Parsons School of Design, along with her Fine Arts background, is clear in her colorful compositions, which are also influenced by the old masters’ philosophy in imbuing normalcy with brilliance.

Currently, she produces creative content for clients such as Dior, Cathay Pacific, and the Ritz-Carlton, which can be viewed in her website, SIH studios.

8. Gloria Chung, @foodandtravelhk

While blogger and columnist Gloria Chung’s Instagram is a glorious celebration of food and interior design, she personally preaches self-confidence stemming from a healthy lifestyle.

Upon graduation, she was a personal assistant to the publisher of a luxury lifestyle magazine, before Gloria’s alleged stubbornness got her moved to the editorial team. Then, she worked at various food and travel sectors for a local publication. However, with such a food-centred lifestyle, Gloria has grappled with weight loss issues in the past, which explains her current focus on health. Now, she titillates her followers with her travels far and wide, introducing must-visit restaurants, cafes and hotels both in her home city of Hong Kong and across the world.

9. Moanna Shum, @moannaxdessire

With an Instagram handle that combines dessert and desire,” it’s no surprise to see one or the other, or both, reflected in Moanna’s pictures. It is her knack for posting such sweet luxuries in life that has allowed the young public relations and marketing consultant to build a brand for herself with over 56 thousand followers.

She works with global luxury hospitality brands and leading restaurant groups, and has also collaborated with Cathay Pacific in the past.

Top images courtesy of @anneparavion, @phoebesoup and @foodandtravelhk. 

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