The arrival of ChatGPT, a bot that spits out essays based on simple commands, has made AI a hot topic lately. What does this mean for interior designers?

ChatGPT: Will AI take over the job of interior designers?
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Imagine your dream room. What kind of style would you like? Now, enter that into the text box and watch as your vision comes to life on the screen. Welcome to the world of generative AI: the rapidly developing technology that can turn simple text commands into vivid, hyperdetailed renderings using machine-learning algorithms. 

The arrival of ChatGPT, a bot that spits out essays based on simple commands, has made AI a hot topic lately. As more industries embrace AI, there's an underlying anxiety about what this means for designers. Will AI, instead of interior designers, be coming up with ideas, designing and presenting to clients?

For centuries, humans have worked on creating machines and technology that make our lives easier. From horse carriages to electricity-powered cars, we've figured out a way to make work and life easier - and in turn, we've evolved ourselves and our jobs as well. We believe it'll be the same with AI and design.

One of the main ways AI is revolutionising interior design is through tools that use machine learning algorithms to generate design ideas based on inputs such as room size, style preferences and budget. For example, an AI system might recommend specific furniture pieces or colour palettes based on your past design choices or personal style. This can help designers create more tailored and unique designs for their clients. AI can also analyse past design trends and predict future ones. This is helpful and saves time for designers who want to incorporate trends into their work without relying on intuition or external sources.

In the future, we predict that designers will transition from creators to curators according to industry trends, clients' unique experiences and needs Interior design reaches beyond creating beautiful images. Until algorithms can create stunning design schemes, ensure construction workers arrive on time and adapt to a client's unique needs, interior designers are still safe from the bots' invasion.

Despite the trend of AI playing an increasingly prominent role in the interior design industry, we doubt it can replace human interior designers anytime soon.

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