These stunning lairs are true scene-stealers

4 Beautiful Homes to Have Appeared on Film
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I had known that house for many years; I even dreamed of buying that house, says award-winning director Luca Guadagnino wistfully of the idyllic 16th-century Italian villa that became the centrepiece of his 2017 romantic film, Call Me By Your Name.

I knew where I was going to set the action of the film, he continues.

Indeed, the omnipresent backdrop of a film—whether that be an avant-garde manor or a cozy cottage—marks an imprint in any moviegoer’s imagination not only as the film’s aesthetic and atmospheric backbone, but also as the scene for many iconic moments as the plot unfolds. Often, it plays as much a living, breathing character as the actors themselves.

In honour of the Oscars held earlier this week, we revisit four architectural gems to have captivated our cinematic memory.

4 Beautiful Homes to Have Appeared on Film

Ironman: The Razor House

If anything stands a chance in stealing Robert Downey Jr.’s thunder, it might just be his very own residence. Known as the Razor House, this colossal Wallace Cunningham-designed mansion is situated on the edge of San Diego’s Torrey Pines State Park with private access to the nearby Black’s Beach. Sweeping floor-to-ceiling frameless glass encases the 11,000-square-feet, four-bedroom-six-bathroom space complete with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, giving it a Stark-approved futuristic flair.

4 Beautiful Homes to Have Appeared on Film

The Godfather: Beverly House

Remember Jack Woltz discovering his beloved horse’s bloody head in his bed? The iconic scene in Francis Ford Coppola’s epic trilogy was filmed precisely within this palatial Spanish-style estate that once belonged to media mogul William Randolph Hearst—and even hosted the Kennedys on their honeymoon.

Sitting on five acres of Beverly Hills land and totalling 50,000 square feet, the mega-mansion houses 19 bedrooms, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a tennis court, two screening theatres and a 6,600-square-foot guest house. You could even move in—it is on the market for a cool US$135 million.

4 Beautiful Homes to Have Appeared on Film

Call Me By Your Name: An Italian villa

Perhaps the most understated on this list yet inundated with quintessential European charm, the 16th-century, 15,000-square-foot villa had stolen the heart of director Luca Guadagnino long before it was immortalised in his film Call Me By Your Name.

Nestled amidst lush foliage in Lombardy, Italy, near Guadagnino’s hometown, the 14-bedroom home is decked with antique furnishings, a faded palette and romantic sprawling orchards unique to Northern Italy. It is hard to imagine Oliver (Armie Hammer) and Elio (Timothée Chalamet) falling in love anywhere else.

4 Beautiful Homes to Have Appeared on Film

Twilight: The Hoke House

Uncharacteristically modern perhaps for a centuries-old vampire family, the sleek, minimalist chalet of the Cullen family is in fact home to Nike executive John Hoke. Akin to a luxury treehouse, the 4,800-square-foot three-decker is designed by architect Jeff Kovel and perched along the hillside of Portland’s lush Forest Park. Floor-to-ceiling windows, natural wood panels, and generous patio and deck spaces give it the illusion of a floating oasis.

Photos courtesy of (from top):; The Beverly House Group; House & Loft; The Hoke House/Skylab Architecture


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