LG WashTower Integrates Perfectly into Home Design
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In our modern era, washing and drying machines have evolved beyond mere practical tools to become elements that elevate the visual appeal and improve the overall quality of life in a living space. The LG WashTower is a prime example of this transformation.

Crafted by Jam Wong, the senior designer at Epic Interior Design, this residential unit incorporates the inviting warmth of wood and complementing it with sophisticated shades of black, white and grey to create a minimalist aesthetic. The homeowner wanted a spacious and well-lit living room, and decided to convert the previously enclosed kitchen into a semi open-plan layout, allowing ample sunlight to enter through the kitchen windows. The washing and drying machine was incorporated into this kitchen area. Designer Jam made a deliberate choice by opting for the LG WashTower, which merges practicality with sophisticated aesthetics, thereby upholding the unique design concept of the space.

Home Interior

Living Room

LG WashTower

The LG WashTower consists of a lower section housing a washing machine, an upper section accommodating a dryer and a centrally positioned touch-sensitive control panel. This innovative design not only maximises space but also ensure it's convenient and easy to use. Designer Jam particularly admires its exterior design, specifically the off-white and dark green colour scheme. This combination effortlessly enhances both light and dark environments, showcasing the machine’s remarkable versatility.

Home Interior

LG WashTower Integrates Perfectly into Home Design

In terms of functionality, LG Washtower meets the needs of urban dwellers perfectly. Using its AIDD artificial intelligence washing technology, it automatically detects the most suitable laundry program. Coupled with Smart Pairing, it intelligently matches drying and washing programs to comprehensively care for garments. It also features an effective allergy prevention program that reduces dust mite allergens by 99.9%. It has multiple functions and the entire washing and drying process takes as little as one hour, saving time and providing convenience. You can embrace a fully smart lifestyle by downloading the application, which allows you to effortlessly control and receive notifications about care and energy usage on your mobile phone, anytime and anywhere.

Epic Interior design
Epic Interior Design Ltd Senior Designer Jam Wong

Photo: Anson Wong

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