Design Trends and Stylish Lifestyle Inspiration, All at Hong Kong’s Home InStyle Expo
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Get inspired by the world of captivating home design at the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s Home InStyle, which brings together a curated selection of globally sourced home products that exude creative inspiration.

Home decor and textiles play important roles in shaping home design. For those seeking creative inspiration, the highly anticipated Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishing Fair 2024 is joining forces with the Hong Kong Houseware Fair, reemerging as the all-encompassing Home InStyle. This strategic rebranding aims to align the event with the latest design trends and market advancements, in conjunction with Hong Kong Design Week. Additionally, it aims to create an all-in-one destination that promotes a chic lifestyle and serves as a shopping platform.


The Cultural and Creative Corner, introduced for the first time last year, captivated exhibitors, buyers and visitors alike with its display of unique, culturally creative designer brands and products. Building on the success of its debut, this year's edition will feature over 50 exhibitors presenting design products that embody unique styles and cultural influences. It’s an opportunity to explore innovative designs crafted by international designers, you won’t want to miss it.

Design Trend 1: Utilising Eco-friendly Recycled Materials

In line with the global design community's growing concern for environmental issues, many exhibitors are showcasing home products created from eco-friendly recycled materials. One noteworthy participant is Paw Sp. z o.o., a paper napkin manufacturer from Poland. Its 100% cellulose We Care tissue paper avoids the use of chlorine bleaching, and is made from recycled materials and Airlaid Paper. This versatile paper effortlessly transforms into compost, ensuring that we actively safeguard the planet.


Paw Sp. z o.o. Booth Number: 3B-B22

Design Trend 2: Multiple Functions and Decorative Elements

The incorporation of multiple functions and decorative elements has been influential in shaping home furnishing design trends. The CORE series LED lights, manufactured by Ucome, a brand operating under Chinese exhibitor Ningbo Ucome Lighting Co., Ltd., go beyond mere illumination by integrating decorative features and offering a wide range of functions. The light fixtures feature detachable accessories such as glass tubes for flower arrangements or glass barrels for storing cold blocks in the middle, making the design truly unique.


Ningbo Ucome Lighting Co.,Ltd Booth Number: 1D-C02

Design Trend 3: An Emphasis on Soft, Comfortable Feeeling

In terms of household textiles, design trends consistently chase after softness, comfort and elegance. Take the Pakistan exhibitor Essak & Sons Home Textiles for example, it produces 1,140,000 kg of towel fabric annually, they showcase high-quality towels that are favored by many luxury hotels. In addition to towels, the brand also offers tablecloths, round tablecloths, napkins, placemats, aprons, pot holders, gloves and more, all made of 100% cotton or polyester-cotton blend, woven with chenille or duck down, offering a soft and comfortable touch.

Home InStyle

A Essak & Sons Home Textiles Booth Number: 1A-D09

Gathering Global Design Forces

This exhibition presents design influences from around the world. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council has partnered with PANTONE, an authority in colour trends, to offer expert guidance on colour selection. Renowned art book publisher TASCHEN will also act as the brand's Taste Library partner, creating a stylish lifestyle library within the area.

Participants from the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions(Philippines), Organisation for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation(Japan)and the Taipei Industrial Design Development Association (Taiwan) will showcase iconic regional home product designs. The Lanes, The Swinging Sticks and AEfolio, among other local design powerhouses, will curate an unparalleled buyer experience.


The exhibition will also continue to adopt the integrated exhibition mode of online and offline, known as "EXHIBITION+" (Exhibition Plus). This mode combines four crucial components of the exhibition, encompassing physical exhibitions, the "Click2Match" intelligent matching platform, online and offline seminars and forums (Intelligence Hub), and the " Sourcing" ( Sourcing) procurement platform. By offering round-the-clock services, it enhances the flexibility and efficiency of business promotion for small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to reap the benefits of extended exhibition periods, superior platforms and increased business opportunities. "EXHIBITION+" expands the realm of face-to-face interaction and negotiation beyond physical exhibitions, creating an online intelligent matching platform that empowers companies to proactively connect with potential business partners.

Home InStyle

20 - 23 April, 2024 | Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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13 - 30 April, 2024

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