Audi Design

Audi Design was established in 1986 by renowned architect James Tu as an all-dimensional company to encompass interior, landscape, building and scenic design. Luxury homes are a recurring theme in its portfolio.

Headquartered in Taipei with offices in Hong Kong and China, Audi Design possesses a niche in transforming expansive houses and apartments with a focus on quality and luxury. Spatial planning is key, and in every project, the experienced designers at Audi strive to achieve perfection and unparalleled quality – they carefully consider factors such as proportion, aesthetics, materials and application of colours, executing this beautifully to achieve truly stunning results.

Opus, 5,500 sqft

House in Taipei, 15,000 sqft

Other Offices:

10/F, 111 Xinyi Rd Section 5
Xinyi District, Taipei
Phone: +886 2 8789 2289

Unit C301, 3/F, Wending Life Square
258 Wending Rd, Xuhui District
Phone: +86 21 6486 8608

Unit C2, Tower 7, Chengzhong Yayuan
299 Fuhua Third Rd, Futian District
Phone: +86 755 2382 4789