Materials were sourced from non-typical suppliers — think construction grounds and warehouses

A Raw Dystopian World Inside This Singapore Flat
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As self-professed environmentalists who are not big fans of consumerism, the homeowners, a young couple working in the engineering industry, were mindful of ensuring minimal waste production during their home renovation.

This, together with their desire for an industrial, post-apocalyptic design, resulted in an apartment that looks unlike any other. Working with Singapore-based design company erstudio, the renovation of their 1,060 sq ft three-bedroom flat in Canberra Street took ten weeks and cost S$80,000. 

“The clients wanted an unusual house that looks extremely raw,” says Rey Tan, the interior designer in charge of this project. “To achieve the raw look, I chose to grid off the existing plaster finish of the walls.” 

A door with a metal laminate finish is fitted at the main entrance. Rey also suggested embedding and embossing rebars cast into the concrete screed flooring to help tie the look of the spaces together, while creating a tactile experience. 

“This element also connects to all the wall features, like the metal world map with an umbrella corporation logo in black, grey and red,” he adds.

On the other side, a graffiti artwork of Joker and Harley Quinn personalised with the couple’s names screams character. To bring out these wall features, soft lighting is added underneath the walls. Neon pink light takes over their herb garden, emulating a post-nuclear punk dystopia laboratory of sorts. 
“The initial idea for the herb garden came from an end-of-the-world situation, where we wouldn’t have food supply and have to plant them ourselves to create sustainable life,”  comments Rey. 

Where possible, industrial materials are used for long-lasting furniture. For example, the shoe rack is created from PVC pipes, the herb garden and sofa are made from reused wooden pallets, and the coffee table is upcycled from old drums.

Over in the kitchen, a stainless steel countertop with raw hollow blocks is used to separate the cooking and dining area. “Instead of a typical modern fridge, we also selected a stainless steel industrial fridge to create more counter space,” says Rey.

As fans of super villains, the couple also dotted icons of their favourite characters around the apartment. On top of Joker and Harley Quinn from DC Comics in the living room, there is Carnage from Marvel Studios, The Sith from Star Wars, Decepticon from Transformers, Akuma from Capcom and even weapons from World Of Warcraft in the study room and workshop.

The master bedroom door was designed such that it is unnoticeable to guests. A photo that features the homeowners themselves was used to conceal the door, with hidden storage on the back.

Continuing with the sustainable industrial theme, the open-concept wardrobe is made of cast-iron rods painted over with epoxy. The raised cement board platform also hides extra storage space. 

The entrance to the bathroom is humorously adorned with a nuclear experiment sign along with a gas mask that doubles as a wall light, making sure that one is well-prepared to deal with the “fumes” that will be created in there.



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