Choosing furniture for your home can be an exciting and pleasurable experience – especially when you discover a brand that makes the process an enjoyable journey and speaks to your desire for unique pieces.

After all, the furniture you choose reflects your taste; how these practical necessities are combined conveys a story. It is the story of furniture and the way it is used as a mode of communication that defines the ethos of furniture brand, Ziinlife.

The award-winning brand produces furniture made from solid wood – a material that by its very nature imparts a story through its patterns and textures. Ziinlife designs are thoughtfully conceived to be practical yet stylish, and as versatile as possible to meet different decors and requirements.

The compact RECESS Sofa Bed, for example, is designed for small spaces. It has a robust, solid oak wood frame and fabric covered high density memory foam seat that flips over to become a bed with a harder variety of memory foam that gives good support while sleeping. Details like this – and the unusual wooden cushion buckles – personify Ziinlife designs.

Considered details also translate onto the HOLD TV Bench, which combines rounded elements with linear cupboards that provide ample room for storing myriad home tech equipment and cables. This dedication to detail gained Ziinlife a Gold Idea Award in 2015, and an invitation to show their products at the London Design Festival and Beijing International Design Week in 2016.

Ziinlife’s portfolio of designer furniture can be viewed on its website, replete with photographs and product details. Ordering and payment processes are simple and safe. And you can opt to assemble products yourself or use Ziinlife’s on-site installation services.

Alternatively, visit the Ziinlife showroom in Kwun Tong where staff are on hand to guide you in finding furniture that makes a difference to your living environment – and introduce you to the Ziinlife brand motto: A lovely surprise to be!”

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