When Elaine Lu and Vince Lim – the dynamic young couple behind the New York-originated, Hong Kong-based design studio Lim + Lu – first found the apartment that was to become their home, it was a far cry from the fresh, light-filled dwelling it is today. This used to be a three-bedroom apartment; there were a lot of compartments to it, so it wasn’t airy or open at all,” says Vince. We were in New York for four years and we lived in a loft, so our first question was how to introduce a New York industrial loft into a typical Hong Kong apartment layout.”

When the couple first moved in after four months of renovations, all they had was a mattress on the floor. We welcomed a slow process for the interior design, which doesn’t really happen nowadays because clients like a quick turnaround time,” says Vince. So we moved in, settled down and then started to design what we really needed – it became like essentialism, almost. We basically designed everything except for the chairs and lighting, most of which was brought back from our old apartment in New York.”

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A patterned rug and pastel pink shades add style to the chic walk-in wardrobe.

"The pink room" is a study but also an extension of the living room.

Colours play important roles in Elaine and Vince's design ethos, striking a balance between refinement and personality. 

"Because we were both formally trained as architects, a lot of the things we were used to looking at were very monochrome – with white models, you can really see the space for what it is without any distractions," says Vince.

An artwork by Hong Kong artist Elvis Yip Kin Bon, Vince's first art purchase from Art Basel 2016, hangs above the bed, suffusing soft pink tones into the clean, white bedroom.

Emerald tones add a touch of glamour to the bathroom.

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