When Natasha Usher, design principal at Nude Design Limited, was tasked with creating this 1,200sqft home on Castle Peak Road, the first problem was discerning how her client wanted his new home to look.

It’s quite common, especially when dealing with personal homes, that people are not always clear on what they want,” she explains. In fact, many people know exactly what they don’t like, but don’t usually articulate what they like.”


What was clear was that the layout needed to be completely re-done, as the homeowner wanted a larger space. Natasha pinned down a design direction by scrutinising the homeowner’s sense of personal style and character. After that, it was smooth sailing.

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The homeowner is a businessman with a keen sense of fashion,” says Natasha. He has a great collection of his own photography, which I insisted was displayed. It became a great feature in the living room.” With the photography infusing the home with the homeowner’s personality, Natasha then turned to furnishings by brands such as TREE, Okooko and Indigo Living to grant the home a natural, earthy warmth.

Explore the home below:


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