Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen’s home in Antwerp is his sanctuary – a place where he can escape the hectic roles and responsibilities of his everyday life and just be himself. Encompassing 7,000 sqft, his residence was completed over a decade ago – yet remains stunning and relevant. When I first found this house, which is from the 19th century, I fell in love with the property,” recalls Vincent. The interior design was my modern interpretation of the space, which was largely inspired by its original features.”

The estate, which he shares with his dogs, Gaston and Lou Lou, retains a serene simplicity that grows on you. The longer you spend inside and interact with the space, the more beautiful it becomes. It also embodies the perfect study of contrasts by combining pure, abstract forms with honest, straightforward design.

Vincent Van Duysen's signature spare aesthetic ensures that his home's timeless appeal remains relevant and alluring.

Clean, uncluttered and utterly enchanting, Vincent's home is a study in simplicity.

The designer at home with his dogs, Gaston and Lulu.

The sensitive interior decor upholds the greatness of the home's architectural rigour, which is underpinned by a spectacular central staircase.

For Vincent, furnishings are never an afterthought, but a necessary consideration throughout the design process.

"I would say I remove excess and reduce spaces to their essence, placing the comfort of the user at the core."

"The interior design was my modern interpretation of the space, largely inspired by its original features."

An extensive collection of art and design books line one wall of the bedroom, in which fabrics and textures add additional character.

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