Explore a series of unique bird's-eye-view aviation photography at the Kowloon Tong gallery.

Airports – love them or hate them (and, frankly, for the majority it’s the latter), they rarely leave a lasting aesthetic impression. However, in a new exhibition at The Spectacle Group‘s gallery space in Kowloon Tong, Belgian photographer Antoine Gaussin presents a new perspective on aviation and the transportation hubs that keep us in the air.

Entitled Uncharted, Antoine’s images were inspired by his work as a journalist and the belief that airports provide a unique space in which cultures cross paths and interact, and individuals from all over the world leave an imprint of their selves. The photographs explore these points of convergence from above, offering a bird’s-eye-view that reveals an unexpected, abstract and geometric beauty to the subject. Vibrant lines – instrumental in safe aircraft operation – bisect the concrete landscape, which itself tells the story of countless take-offs and landings through repetitive black markings recorded on the runway.

To realise these artworks, Antoine had to obtain clearance from authorities as the two Belgian airports he photographed. He then set out in a helicopter and shot from an altitude of just 500 feet above ground, allowing him to focus his camera on a small area at a time, preserving the images’ resolution and minimising distortion. He later stitched these images together in the studio, creating what Antoine calls ‘hypertography’.

Uncharted runs until 16 December at The Spectacle Group, 2/F, 2 Somerset Road, Kowloon Tong.

'Tristin777' by Antoine Gaussin (2017)

'Threshold' by Antoine Gaussin (2015)

'U-Turn' by Antoine Gaussin (2017)

Uncharted installed in The Spectacle Group's gallery 

The artist talks a viewer through his work

Antoine Gaussin's artwork on display

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