Overlooking London's Regent's Park, Cornwall Terrace encompasses a massive 9,000 square feet, with five bedrooms and bathrooms.

Now an elegant home for a family that enjoys entertaining and relaxing with friends, it is also notably a Grade-I listed property. This means that Louise Bradley Design Studio - the firm who is appointed to transform the residence - had to retain the original footprint of the house while creating a home that is calm and tranquil. Scroll through the gallery below (Photography: Ray Main; Production: Emily Leung) to explore more:

"As it's a Grade I listed property, we had to work hand in hand with English heritage from the very beginning of the project, starting with the space planning, as very often the original footprint of the house has to be respected and the architectural elements of the building which are of particular interest need to be retained within the new design," recalls British interior designer Louise Bradley. Thus, essential elements of modern living, such as air cooling and technological integrations have to be integrated into the building without disrupting the original architecture.

The interiors are seamlessly linked to the history of the Regent’s Park, the Grade-I listed building, and its architecture.

"For example, the air cooling for this particular property was built into the bespoke cabinetry and pieces of furniture," explains Louise. "For the lighting in the principal rooms overlooking the park, we were unable to add in any additional ceiling spotlights, so the lighting had to be considered using antique chandeliers, wall lights, pictures lights and additional lamps. The low-level lighting highlighted some of the architectural features, which always gives a lovely effect."

Chandeliers are employed in the principle rooms in respect of the architecture element, with low-level lighting accenting the architectural features. 

The location overlooking Regent's Park is key to the design of the property. Beautiful large windows with amazing views of the outdoor green meant that it was important to look at the floor plan and a colour scheme that made the most of the spectacular views. "To achieve this, we opted for soft muted colours that would complement the different seasons," says Louise. The soft palette was then enriched with warm tones, carefully positioned antique decorative lighting and bespoke furniture with a mix of unique finishes adding an unrivalled luxury to the space.

In this particular residential property, whilst the entrance and dining area were designed to create a certain sense of grandeur and formality, the drawing-room, overlooking the park, offers a warm welcome with the pared-down interior, mimicking that of the evolving nature outside. Once again, the interiors provide perfect harmony and balance with carefully designed bespoke furniture pieces, rich in detail such as fringing, natural woods and beautiful upholstered items.

"My favourite part of the home is the first floor, combining the drawing room, family room and study. We have designed the space so that when one arrives at the first-floor landing with double doors adjacent to each other; one opens to the family room and the other to the drawing-room," Louise explains. "To connect the space to its location, we have used many natural materials. The floorings throughout were a mix of timber and stone with silk carpets. We chose a natural linen wallpaper for the drawing-room along with many natural fabrics for the bespoke upholstery, all designed by our in-house studio and made by quality craftsmen in the UK."

The most private space within the property – the master bedroom and the bathroom, are a haven for its residents, where the use of natural marbles and decorative lighting create a harmonious yet luxe ambience. Whilst the dressing room further connects the interiors to the outside with hand-painted botanical wallcoverings, the bathroom has been designed to quickly evoke the setting of a personal spa to the residents returning home at the end of a long day.

The classic contemporary style is both timeless and elegant. It combines a careful selection of natural materials, high-quality bespoke furniture, a mix of antiques and a rich, neutral colour palette. 

On her favourite part of this project, Louise says: "I loved the challenge of bringing back to life the classic home, which provides a timeless solution for interiors, unfettered by passing trends." 

Timeless and elegant, the master bedroom and bathroom adopt natural marbles and delicate lighting to allow for a luxurious restful space.

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