Woodendot's 'Alba' system is both a bedside table and a wall shelf

We’re firm believers in the idea that living small doesn’t mean living less stylishly.

The Small Homes issues we’ve put together and the features we’ve dedicated to tiny abodes are proof, and the best part is discovering more and more spaces and designs that push the envelope further on small living creativity.

Our latest find? This beautiful modular side table and wall shelf that’s customisable to your space and preferred look.

Designed by Spain-based studio Woodendot, the Alba modular system features three pieces of flat plywood that can be combined to form a mounted side table or wall shelf.

Items, such as books or magazines, can be hidden behind the vertical piece – the smaller shelf version can accommodate smaller objects, such as keys and wallets, while the larger side table can hold magazines or a tablet. Both versions include a small opening on the horizontal piece for cable wires to go through.

Thoughtfully designed with worldwide shipping, Alba comes in finishes of oak wood and walnut, with colour finishes on ash wood that include white, black, gray and blue. Bed side configurations can be done for both left and ride sides.

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