When it comes to relaxing and escaping from life’s busyness, you can’t beat a long, quiet soak in a lovely hot bath. Japanese brand TOTO is taking this comforting experience into a new dimension – which is actually dimensionless – with the NEOREST Flotation Tub.

The Flotation Tub offers a one-of-a-kind spa experience that aims to induce deep levels of inner peace by calming the body and mind. Beneath the surface of this is the depth of innovation that TOTO is world-famous for.

For more than a decade, TOTO researched body positioning, bathing, and neurological relaxation to create the world’s first zero-gravity bathtub where you can experience total weightlessness – an extraordinarily calming and tension-free experience realised by Zero Dimension Technology.

Gravity-free body posture relieves joint stress
Gravity-free body posture relieves joint stress

Zero Dimension puts you in a meditative, low-frequency brain wave state that deeply relaxes muscles by placing the body in a cradle-like shape, whereby your body is curved and your feet are elevated, to imitate the sleeping posture of astronauts in zero gravity. By floating gravity-free like this, physical stress and mental fatigue slip away.

HydroHands relaxes muscles with massage-like water delivery
HydroHands relaxes muscles with massage-like water delivery

Deep relaxation and regeneration is further enhanced by strategically placed massage jets. HydroHands delivers a water massage that targets lower back muscles and the feet to gently massage tired muscles and release tension in a way that can’t be experienced on land.

The Neck Bath keeps neck and shoulders warm
The Neck Bath keeps neck and shoulders warm

The Neck Bath – an adjustable pillow – increases stability while releasing a gentle flow of warm water over your neck, shoulders and upper body to boost relaxation. Air Jets produce tiny air bubbles that rise up from below to envelop your body with a soothing sensation.

The controller is activated by the lightest touch
The controller is activated by the lightest touch

To aid with mental relaxation and increase aesthetic pleasure, the Flotation Tub has LED lighting around its base – which makes it looks as though it’s floating on air – that emits a candlelight-like glow to enhance stillness and help you to switch off from the world.

The NEOREST Flotation Tub is made from Galaline, a synthetic marble and fibre-reinforced polymer that is stain, crack and scratch resistant. TOTO hand-textures and hand-polishes this solid surface material to give it a luxurious feel.

TOTO Architectural and Design Centre, 1/F, East Town Building, 41 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai
Tel: 2238 2628
Fax: 2169 2980

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