It was a match in heaven when Vancouver-based interior designer Kelly Deck, was enlisted to curate a 7,000sqft sanctuary for a family of four.

Kelly, Deck, the mastermind behind the soothing residence

“We’ve handled several projects for the clients over the years and they have always been incredible to collaborate with,” recalls Kelly of Kelly Deck Design on her creative journey. “The family of this home is of northern European descent, so they have a penchant for simple and elegant interiors that are well-constructed, easy to maintain and live in. It was important to design the home with recreation and entertainment in mind since they have adolescent children.” Scroll through the gallery below(Photoggraphy: Barry Calhoun) to experience the soothing design:

Kelly’s mission also included taking advantage of the harbour views on the upper floor where an open kitchen, a dining area and the great room are located. “To prevent the lower floor from feeling like a basement, we felt it was essential to create an impressive arrival experience as you descend. Hence, a softly lit library that serves the bridge between the bedrooms and a recreation room was established.” This secluded space also happens to be the designer’s favourite area of the home as “it feels so enveloping and inviting”. 

She elaborates further, “We adopted an open layout for the overall design approach that feels timeless, classic and relaxed all at the same time. To achieve that, say for example, we incorporated a large sitting window in the great room to enhance the sense of tranquility for a private retreat.” 

Utilitarian spaces such as the mudroom, a butler’s kitchen and the main kitchen were meticulously scrutinized and crafted to accommodate to the family’s way of living. Custom-designed cabinets and drawers were in place to keep purses, bags and shoes at bay. A generous-sized mirror and a proper lighting solution were also promptly installed. Tall storage units and a large refrigerator, on the other hand, have been incorporated in the butler’s kitchen for the homeowners to be able to quickly store groceries away upson returning home. 

While Kelly prioritized functionality for the spacious abode, no creative decision was made at the expense of sophistication. “The discerning clients were specific about the materials used and sentiments evoked. They requested a bright and fresh interior accentuated with light hardwood floors and livable finishes that can withstand wear and tear,” the designer expresses.

“Since the family adores the atmosphere of a subtle farmhouse, an uplifting palette combined of bright whites, black accents and matt oak finishes seemed a natural fit.”

To set apart from other relatively ostentatious residences in the neighbourhood, Kelly aptly extended the soothing aesthetics from the inside to the exterior for an established yet understated ambience. 

The inviting home features livable and durable materials that can stand the test of time, making it a cherished retreat for many more years to come. 

Bright whites and warm wooden accents contribute to an unassuming sophistication throughout the house. 

The master bedroom features a custom-built headboard that doubles as an island is another prime example of how Kelly managed to effortlessly realize another secret retreat within the home. “The bedroom door is concealed in the millwork of the library to give the room a more mysterious and cocooning vibe.” 

The well-conceived sanctuary has certainly provided the energetic homeowners with endless possibilities to spend time with their large extended family and friends, and bringing their most desired vision to life.

Furnished in layered and luxurious accents, the modern farmhouse provides the energetic family with ultimate practicality and rooms for entertaining.

The well equipped laundry makes daily chores a lot more enjoyable.

Kelly curated a seamless transition between each living area that blurs lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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