The model-turned-designer behind jewellery line Stéfère on art, auctions, and why she doesn't like to cook.

I work 20 hours a day. I have to work with three continents – Geneva, London, and New York – from my office here,” says Corina Larpin of her home office on the corner. But I’m so excited about what I do that I don’t feel tired, and I enjoy. I like doing what I’m doing.”

It helps, surely, that Corina’s home office overlooks the gorgeous Repulse Bay and South China Sea. From her apartment up at The Lily, one could see endless stretches of ocean and count the mountain peaks, depending on the fog – or smog – and the time of day. Ocean Park’s roller coasters curl and roll in the distance. It’s a beautiful spot for getting things done.

The jewellery designer behind Stéfère does work a lot, with this year’s now-concluded Academy Awards only then falling into full swing, at the time of our interview. Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Elton John are among her who’s who of clients, and this year’s awards season was no different. Corina, who had then just arrived back in Hong Kong, would be flying out once more to drape and secure some of her jewels on new and longtime A-listers on her client roll.

For now, we chat at her home, a beautiful 2,700sqft flat outfitted with oversized paintings and smaller sculptural pieces – as well as skulls, many skulls – she has collected with her husband, a real estate investor and fellow art enthusiast. It’s one of a handful of houses they own around the world, many of them getaways for the family – the Larpins have a son – and many of them home to other pieces in their collection.

We speak with Corina about art, her favourite room in the house, and how the Larpins enjoy hosting friends and family at home.

What’s your favourite room in the house, and why?

I think it would be this one – the living room – because we all meet here, we have a glass of wine, we talk about what we did in the day. It’s also a place for our family to bond.

I also have views from the desk, so I like to work there. And I love my bathroom because I have the best view there. I love to take a bath and have my glass of Champagne, and think about my designs.

Do you like hosting dinners at home?

We love hosting – in our holiday homes we always have friends coming and going. My husband cooks so well – he enjoys cooking for us. We have a boat, and during the weekends he goes on it and asks who we could invite. He loves that.

Do you cook as well?

No – I don’t know how to cook! I don’t have time and I don’t know how. And I’m never home. When I’m home, I want to be with my son, and sometimes I want to read a book, or watch a movie. Also I cannot wash my hair – I have to go to a hair dresser – and if I stayed in the kitchen, I’d have to go to my hair dresser everyday! So I would love to be good at cooking, but I can’t compete with my husband – he’s too good at it.

Favourite furniture piece in the house?

A book table by Hermès that I bought at an art auction at Christie’s – it was super fun and exciting to get it! I was with my best friend from Geneva, watching the auction for three days. Everyone was crazy bidding on it, and my husband was on the phone – he was in Europe. I had to get it, and when I finally got it I was really happy.

What type of art do you like to collect?

When our son Alex was born, we started to collect art pieces and named the collection after his baby nickname, and the collection just kept growing. We collect pieces my husband and I like – all modern art pieces.

Any tips on displaying art around the home?

We don’t have any tips – we just put them where they look better in the room.

Favourite place to source your art?

We like to source our art at art fairs like Art Basel, and from galleries.

Favourite artworks from your home collection?

50 Years Barbie Lethal Venture 09, by Astari Rasjid, and Mao & Andy Warhol, by Shi Xinning.

Favourite artist?

Yves Clerc; we have a big collection of his pieces. His pieces have also been used by Hermès to decorate their windows.

Corina Larpin’s Repulse Bay apartment is featured in our March 2019 issue, now on newsstands.

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