Those who like to reminisce about the good old days always have an affinity for vintage things that stand the test of time. Not only do they retain the beauty of the past, but they also pass on stories of the generations before to the future.

People who like to collect vintage objects have an old soul in their bones. The trajectory of the years left a trace of history on those objects, and form an irreplaceable mark of the memories and stories they hold. Homeowners who like to collect antiques usually hope to integrate these objects into their daily life. In particular, this residential house in Zhubei was redesigned for that purpose. The original 1,065 sq ft space was divided into three bedrooms, two living areas, a multi-functional rest area, and a Japanese-style room. 

As the owner hopes to have an open space where he can move freely, designer director You Junde expanded the public area without traditional brick walls as partitions. The arrangement of nostalgic furniture and sliding doors makes the space feel more free-flowing. Plants are also used to soften the rigid space. Although the overall space is dominated by a muted dark grey, the addition of greenery and furniture made of leather and old logs plays well with the light and shadow, making the space more gentle, quiet, homely. Once you step into the house, you can feel the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

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The living room uses the owner's collection of vintage sofas, cabinets and lamps as the foundation of the design before layering on indoor plants that are full of vitality, reflecting the owner's tastes and character while adding a heart-warming atmosphere.

All the objects placed are carefully arranged to show a sense of harmony despite them coming from different eras.

In particular, the designer planned the couch area with old wooden blocks below the window so that the owner can enjoy the scenery outside.

The multi-functional rest area is composed of different types of old pieces and dotted with green plants and dried flowers. The frosted glass sliding door that divides the space evokes a sense of nostalgia.

The tatami room is inspired by the traditional Japanese style. Through the decoration of furniture and accessories, the space is a made more Zen and it becomes a quiet field for daily relaxation.

The open shelves are arranged with small vintage objects collected by the owner to make the space more refined.

A floor-to-ceiling cabinet is at the entrance porch, which illustrates the central concept of the entire design and also acts as a practical storage function.

As soon as you enter the space, you can see the heart of modern people's soul - the dining area.

The dining space is embodied by a retro chandelier and solid wood dining table that is not overly decorated. It is lined with a lattice frosted glass partition that makes the light source feel more rich and diverse.

Walking along the corridor, the clever combination of different wall lamps provide warmth in the narrow and long space. The highlight is the signpost hanging outside the bathroom, complementing the tones of the wooden floor.

The bathroom door usees vintage European carved wood. Combined with printed fabrics, it successfully reflects a nostalgic atmosphere.

The new and old elements are seamlessly connected with the pairing of stucco paint and modern bathroom equipment, and the retro elements of the sink, mirror and storage basket

The natural grey textures follow through in the master bedroom, decorated with small delicate lighting, reflecting tranquillity. The entrance into the dressing room is helmed by an old vintage door.

A retro-inspired chair is also placed in the dressing room. The combination of the door and handing lights make you feel as if entering a time tunnel.

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