ere’s no doubt about it: Aviva Duncan is a force of nature, both creatively and in person, where her statuesque frame fills the room with an unapologetic warmth and her effervescent, quickfire manner of speech.

Aviva Duncan
Aviva Duncan

Naturally, the Australian interior designer’s home – which she shares with daughters Lucy, 9, and Mia, 14 – is every bit a reflection of her personality, with its riotous prints, colour blocking, and outsized artworks.

Despite the surface details, however, the 2,800sqft apartment on Po Shan Road is a practical environment within which Aviva realises her mantra of ‘form follows function.’

Given the family’s love of entertaining, the dining room serves as the focus of the house, where guests settle around a 2.5-metre-long solid wood table that is often found decked out with various culinary delights, thanks to Aviva’s penchant (she is also a trained chef) for cooking up sumptuous feasts.

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