People often say that your 30s are the beginning of a brand new chapter. A stage during which one evolves from naivety to a more seasoned, matured self after learning from past experiences and readjusting your course accordingly.

The same is true for objects. 30 years is an indicator that perhaps change is needed – through refreshing outdated elements, anything has the ability to regenerate. Located in down Taipei, a 30-year-old, 996sqft was facing myriad problems with its ceilings that were way too low, and walls that became slanted and unsteady over the years. And thus for the homeowner, it was "out with the old, in with the new".

The entire layout was demolished, replaced with a striking open-plan concept that welcomed natural sunlight that had been a long lost luxury in the home. Various modern elements have also even introduced; the previous living room hidden in a corner has been relocated to the sun-drenched heart of the home. It overlooks bright blue skies from floor-to-ceiling windows, and the entire ambience has been uplifted with a youthful, fashionable vibe – setting the stage for another fruitful, enjoyable 30 years for its inhabitants.


Scroll through the below gallery to see more of the home:

Luscious white marble uplifts the kitchen with a fresh and bright ambience

A veneer sliding door leads into the master bedroom, which is thoughtfully sectioned off as an independent private area; plants adorn the entrance for an added dose of vitality

A small hanging pendant light serves as the main lighting fixture for the home, lending to the soft and subdued atmosphere

The master bedroom features a grey-blue palette combined with natural cement and veneer patterns, reflecting a cool and fashionable aesthetic favoured by the homeowners

Natural and raw surfaces extend into the bathroom, with retro grey tiles and plastered walls that evoke a modern elegance

The bathroom floor echoes the wall tiles for an overall lively vibe

The study room features white storage cabinets lined with wooden flooring; in addition to being a space where the homeowners can rest, it can also properly serve as storage space

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