Ajax Law and Virginia Lung on their dream project, working with client expectations, and their one tip for designing the home

They’ve designed numerous cinemas, restaurants, retail stores, club houses, offices, and even brands and products. Only equally impressive, perhaps, is the number of awards they’ve received: 540 at the last count, locally and internationally.

Founded in 2004, One Plus Partnership is the brainchild of design directors Ajax Law and Virginia Lung, partners in business and in life. While best known for their striking interiors for movie houses, these days they’ve also been busy with rebranding and store designs for jewellery brand Chow Tai Fook, as well as a new fashion label, Pulse On, which features half portions of tops that can be mixed and matched.

We do not want to limit ourselves. We always have so many ideas, and this is the first time we’re working on a project outside of interior design. It’s a good way of demonstrating how we like to conceptualise an idea and make it happen.”

Between projects and the upcoming Business of Design Week, where they’ll be part of the Space & Design talk, we caught up with Ajax and Virginia on their dream project, plus the one tip they’d give when it comes to decorating the home.

Jinyi Cinema in Guangzhou (Image courtesy of One Plus Partnership Ltd) As one of the most awarded design firms in Hong Kong, are there any projects you’ve yet to tick off of your list?

We’d like to work on a design museum, ideally for architecture and interior design. It’s challenging to think of how to display an art piece in its best orientation, or location, for viewers. The architecture of the museum could also be very playful. We think we’d have a lot of fun during the process.

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What has changed about the way you approach design since you first founded One Plus Partnership?

Since 2004, we have been working very hard to communicate and balance our design with clients’ expectations. Of course, we’d like to design something new while meeting their requests at the same time. But other than just designing, we’d also like to achieve something beyond our clients’ expectations. To create something unique and full of surprises has always been our goal since we first started the company.

Wuhan Wushang Mall Cinema (Image courtesy of One Plus Partnership Ltd) What tip would you advise when it comes to designing and decorating the home?

Whether it’s in your personal life or work life, the most important thing is to prioritise what you want the most. We think that, whether it’s a cinema or a residence, you have to understand clearly what it is you want, and try not to veer too far away from your goal.

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