There are desserts that look good, and then there are desserts that look good and taste even better. Lucky for us, Sweet Fashion House, one of the year’s new pastry launches, is among the latter.

Gaël Majchrzak (Image: Courtesy of Sweet Fashion House)

Opened this September, the luxury dessert boutique creates chocolates, macarons, and cakes akin to sculptural art pieces in full, unabashed colour. Domes of neon pink and green, bright orange cylinders and even snow white globes characterise some of their signature pieces, with flavour profiles underscored by unique ingredients such as pu-erh tea, milk tea, and osmanthus, as well as classical picks such as yuzu, pistachio and vanilla.

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At the helm of Sweet Fashion House is Gaël Majchrzak, artistic director and master patissier with more than 25 years’ experience as a pastry chef and chocolate master. Majchrzak has qualified as a finalist in the World Chocolate Masters France, participated in the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, and taught at Paris’ Gastronomical School of Patisserie Bellouet Conseil, on top of having worked alongside some of the world’s finest chefs in Moscow (with chef Michel del Burgo), Nice (with Michelin two-star chef Alain Lorca), and Grasse (with chef Jacques Chibois, also a holder of two Michelin stars).

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Here, though, chef Majchrzak is taking a break from all the sweets to show us around his Gold Coast neighbourhood for more savoury picks. Read on, and find Sweet Fashion House at Lee Garden Three, New Town Plaza, The Ritz and K11.

Golden Beach

I love spending sunny weekends here! The sunsets are spectacular- if you find a good spot, you can also watch planes taking off into the sunset!

Via Gold Coast, 1 Castle Peak Rd

(Image: Courtesy of Citobun/Wikimedia Commons)

Gold Coast Piazza

This is such a nice place to take an afternoon or evening stroll along the waterfront, and enjoy the outdoor mall with it's European-style exteriors, shopping and dining options and cool street art.

Gold Coast, 1 Castle Peak Rd

(Image: Courtesy of Mk2010/Wikimedia Commons)


My top favourite place in Gold Coast Piazza is the Japanese restaurant KAZUHIRO. It has a nice outdoor seating area with a stunning view of the Gold Coast hotel on the ocean, a teppenyaki and bar area, and is a perfect place to unwind after a long day of work. Plus, the food is delicious too.

Hong Kong Gold Coast Marina Magic Shopping Mall, 1 Castle Peak Rd

(Image: Courtesy of Kazuhiro)

Gold Coast Prime Rib Restaurant

They offer a great way to spend Sundays with brunch buffet, live music and entertainment.

Lobby Level, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, 1 Castle Peak Rd

(Image: Courtesy of Gold Coast Prime Rib Restaurant)

Tuen Mun Park

This is only a short drive from where I live, but is the perfect place when I want to be surrounded by some greenery.

Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Rd

(Image: Courtesy of Wing1990hk/Wikimedia Commons)

For more picks around town, check out our My Neighbourhood section.

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