A new player in the domestic appliance arena, Panasonic’s Japan-made ECONAVI six-door refrigerator boasts a contemporary high-sheen mirror exterior that is durable and easy to clean, and is equipped with an electrostatic touch control panel.

The 628-L fridge features a refrigerator at the top, a freezer compartment in the middle and a vegetable compartment at the bottom – all endowed with extra-long pull-out rails for optimum access, as well as independent temperature controls for the refrigerator and freezer. The PrimeFresh drawer has an aluminum freezing plate to chill food to -3℃, maintaining nutrition and freshness.

Panasonic’s all-new ECONAVI technology automatically learns about your habits, from how often you open the doors to the volume of food normally stored, and adjusts the fridge’s operations to maximise energy efficiency. Its nanoeX technology, which generates 10 times more hydroxyl radicals than nanoe, effectively inhibits bacteria and removes odours. A top compressor design gives the refrigerator extra space, while the inverter-type compressor ensures the refrigerator runs whisper-quiet and freezes food fast.

The fridge carries an energy-saving Level 1 label, and comes in mirror, champagne gold and shiny white options.

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