There is quite a lot happening,” says Tim Yip of his days, not long after the opening of his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, ‘Tim Yip: Blue – Art, Costumes and Memory.’

On show at the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) Gallery until 31 March 2019, ‘Blue’ brings to life Yip’s creative career over the past three decades. A visual artist, art director and costume designer, perhaps best known for his Academy Award- and BAFTA Award-winning work for the film ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, among other work for theatre and even the Olympics, Yip is a creative force who seems to need little pause for his life’s work.


I’ve been busy with a variety of projects – I am preparing for an exhibition, called ‘Tim Yip: Mirror’ for Today Art Museum Beijing, which starts in April next year. I am also preparing a book and making a movie,” he says.

With an imagination plunging depths that few of us find access to, let alone churn out something magical from, Yip’s creative inspirations is something of a treasure chest worth mining. Click through the gallery below for more.

Which costume piece are you most proud of designing, and why?

It’s hard to say because I am always changing my direction, and all of my costumes are my process. When I finish a costume, it is forever a part of me; they coexist to present different periods of time within my process, so I like every one of them. If I have to pick from the 'Blue – Art, Costume and Memory' exhibition, I am most proud of 'Spinning Top'. For this I merged different times, spaces and cultures, and tried to make something beyond post-modern. I tried to find a new language for costume-making, not just for wearing or daily use, or representing a person or fulfilling a drama’s dramatic needs.

What’s your favourite material or medium at the moment?

Paper is always good. At any given time, I just need to have the right paper and a pencil. I like pencils because they can control emotions, and portray them really freely and simply regardless of material. A sketch is the beginning of everything. Pencil and paper are enough for me.

What’s one tool you can’t work without?

A pencil and a camera. They have been important to the journey of my art development ever since I was a child. I loved drawing and used to imagine a lot of creatures that didn't exist. Then, when I was in secondary school, I started taking photos. Portrait photography influenced me the most because it captured human emotions. The other was street photography. I was attracted to many things on the street, and captured those I felt a connection to with my shutter. I have accumulated a lot of work from there.

Favourite travel destination?

I always want to travel to somewhere different and interesting. The most interesting thing to me is the energy of a place - if the energy is pure, or strong. We can see this in people and the environment; we can feel it. Japan is a really good place and so is Europe. I also want to visit Mexico.

(Image: Motoyu Ishiya)

Do you have any more dream projects on your bucket list, and if so, what is it?

I want to make something related to the future. Whenever I’m doing an exhibition, writing a book or a movie, all of these things point to a timeless future. I think this is something I want to do – change things that already exist. It’s interesting to see how time moves when we are creating something new.

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