You may not realise it, but surprises are in store as you stroll through Kwun Tong.

The industrial neighbourhood, lined with factories and warehouses, has become an emerging creative community that’s now home to numerous start-ups, artists, designers and concept stores. Among the more prominent establishments is How, a Japanese-inspired lifestyle studio devoted to a simple way of living.


After taking an arduous path to the back entrance of the How Ming Factory Building, we’re met with a sleek, unassuming entrance featuring a half-painted grey wall inscribed with the brand’s motto, How to Live Well.” The concrete flooring gives off a modern industrial vibe – and it’s a far cry from the chaos and crowds we battled just moments ago.

Founded by the creative trio Fung Lan (above), Billy To and Kit Lo, How’s inviting showroom spans 9,000sqft. It features a living area showcasing exquisite furniture pieces from Japanese and independent local brands, a Japanese-inspired restaurant How Food Factory, a back office for design projects and a salon presented in partnership with renowned Japanese group Lim.

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Fung’s business connections have granted the team exclusive access to acclaimed Japanese brands such as Acme Furniture, Hasami Porcelain and Journal Standard Furniture in just two months. Growing up in the 1990s under the influence of Japanese design and culture, I have always admired its consummate craftsmanship and professionalism,” explains Fung. It’s my wish for Hong Kong to reach that level of excellence someday.”

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Sadly, fast fashion seems to dominate the mainstream market, where quality and durable designs are the last things people care for. I hope to be the change I wish to see in society – that’s why I was determined to create a comfortable environment where people can actually take a moment to appreciate the beauty of each object.”

At How, every detail has been meticulously considered and refined, ultimately cultivating an oasis of slow living. It’s undoubtedly a dream come true for the trio, who aim to recapture that feeling of long-lost bliss.

How is located in How Ming Factory Building, 99 How Ming Street.


A version of this article originally appeared in our December 2017 issue.

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