A Hong Kong family trusted Smart Interior Limited to create a minimalistic, cosy and inviting home in their 400 sq. ft. Hang Hau flat.

Step Inside a Stylish and Minimalistic 400 sq. ft. Flat in Hang Hau's La Cite Noble
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A family residing in a 400 sq. ft. flat in Hong Kong Island's charming Hang Hau neighbourhood placed their trust in the talented designers of Smart Interior Limited to craft a minimalistic, cosy and inviting home.

This unit consists of two living rooms, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a modern bathroom. The design team at Smart Interior Limited placed great emphasis on thoughtful space planning, considering the future requirements of the children for the next eight to ten years. After thorough discussions, the designer and homeowners reached a mutual agreement that the design should not only make the most of the available space but also create a distinctive and welcoming living environment. The ultimate goal was to achieve a perfect balance between space-saving solutions and maximum convenience, ensuring both functionality and comfort within the given space.

Dinning Room

The living room is spacious and comfortable, featuring a strategically positioned dining table near the window. The seamless integration of wooden flooring, along with the gentle hues adorning the walls and cabinets, bestows a warmth upon the area.


The wife enjoys cooking; however, she feels limited by the insufficient space offered by the present kitchen countertop. Considering this, the design team at Smart Interior Limited thoroughly examined the building structure and made slight modifications to the kitchen door, transforming the L-shaped kitchen countertop into a U-shape. This alteration significantly increased both the countertop area and the storage capacity.



In the master bedroom, a tall storage cabinet is affixed to the wall, offering generous storage capacity for clothing and various items. The room adopts a soothing palette of pure white shades, creating an illusion of expanded visual space.


The children's room is equipped with bunk beds designed to accommodate the growth needs of the children. These beds are sized in a way that ensures that even if the children grow taller in the future, they will still be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Smart Interior Limited pointed out that, "If we only prioritise 'saving space', without anticipating the evolving bed sizes of room function changes of growing children, it would result in outdated children's rooms that fail to meet their actual needs.​​

Making good use of space does not necessarily mean 'saving space', but rather 'putting people first', starting from a humanistic perspective and designing space for people. "Our objective revolves around creating spaces that are beautiful, functional and have good storage capacity," expressed Smart Interior Limited. "Acknowledging the substantial transformations children experience within an 8 to 10-year timeframe, we place great emphasis on flexible home planning. Our team foresees that creating adaptable spaces can effectively eliminate the necessity for intricate renovation projects in the near future as the children continue to mature."


Photo: Smart Interior Limited

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