Elevate Your Lifestyle with LG Objet Collection's Total Laundry Solution
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In this post-pandemic era, the need for clothing cleanliness has drastically increased. Driven by its brand philosophy of "Life's Good", LG strongly believes in enhancing its customers' quality of life and as such, has introduced a range of intelligent laundry and clothing care appliances to make life easier. The LG Objet Collection WashTower and LG Styler clothing care machine are top-notch choices for those seeking hassle-free and intelligent clothing care.

The LG Objet Collection WashTower comes with an integrated artificial intelligence that lets users keep track of their laundry's washing progress, care program and even oversee the entire process remotely through the LG ThinQ™ mobile application for the ultimate convenience. It also has a TurboWash™ 360° feature for faster and easier washing. Plus, it can handle up to 13kg of washing and 10kg of drying with its intelligent matching technology that automatically lines up washing and drying programs. This technology saves you time and energy while improving the overall laundry experience.

High-quality home appliances should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. The LG Objet Collection achieves this through elegant materials and simple, symmetrical lines that blend with various interior styles and match other LG appliances.


Clean and sterile clothes are a top priority when doing laundry. The LG Objet Collection WashTower achieves this with its steam washing and anti-allergy drying functions that eliminate 99.9% of dust mites and bacteria. Additionally, the machine has a spare Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive Inverter Motor (AIDD™) that allows users to select the proper washing mode based on the weight and softness of the clothes.


The LG Total Laundry Solution is a combination of LG WashTower and LG Styler that provides an all-encompassing laundry solution while also catering to various needs of washing, drying and caring for clothes. This improves efficiency, convenience and comfort, resulting in the best laundry experience for users.

The LG Styler is a clothing care machine that delivers specialized care to your clothes. It harnesses the power of True Steam™ pure water vapour technology to provide dry cleaning, sterilization and maintenance functions. As a result, clothes are left crisp, wrinkle-free and well-maintained without any harm or weakening the clothing material.

The LG Styler also comes with a moving hanger that can swing up to 200 times a minute, shaking out dust and wrinkles from clothes. This feature also creates more space for pure water vapour that sterilizes clothes and removes bacterial allergens. The ThinQ™ mobile app offers the convenience of remotely monitoring both appliances. Users can easily track their laundry's progress no matter where they are, enhancing their overall quality of life.

The LG Objet Collection WashTower and LG Styler unite style and functionality with their elegant designs and innovative features. Their mist green and mist beige tones harmonize with their clean lines and modern aesthetics. Together, these appliances can introduce a charming and refined feel to the living space, positively impacting users' standard of living.

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